Founded in Atlanta by C-level executives with strong operational experience, The Powers Company (TPC) is a results-based management facilitation firm. Our focus is on positively partnering with companies to substantially upgrade and improve their cultural and operating performance – profitability, productivity, customer service, and quality – in an engaging and collaborative way.

We start at the top with your company’s goals, then get to work “shoulder -to-shoulder” with your team to implement the right behaviors and skills to realize these goals. Through honest, open communication we learn about your systems, processes, and where the real challenges are. We are not like typical consultants. We are facilitators of a process where we take your people through an understanding of what they’re fully capable of and create the management systems, disciplines, behaviors, communications, and interactions that allow you to achieve that optimum level of performance.

The success we’ve helped companies achieve stems from four key factors:

Working closely with front-line leadership

We believe front-line leadership hold the most important and most challenging position in most organizations; they can drive the greatest improvements. That’s why our unsultants build trusted relationships with them. 

Providing easy access to our top leadership

Unlike many typical consulting firms, our management team has extensive operational and front-line experience. And unlike our larger competitors, our leadership team is very hands-on and very accessible.

Delivering guaranteed, measurable results

We guarantee our work in three concrete ways: annualized savings rate ROI, weekly cash flow, and total project cost. We don’t get paid for advice. We only get paid for delivering measurable results.

Making sure improvements are sustainable and real

To create bottom-line value, we link the right tools, controls, and metrics to the right behaviors, skills, and communications—resulting in a sustained, continuous-improvement culture within client organizations.

Without additional capital (we call it unvestment), we help clients:

  • Enhance process efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Improve quality and customer service
  • Reduce errors, rework, and compliance issues
  • Increase management and supervisory effectiveness

We don’t just talk about operational improvement. We guarantee it.

Not only do we guarantee results, we do it with success metrics using your numbers. And those results more than pay for the cost of our engagement. Better still, by fostering employee ownership and buy-in of operational changes, we achieve behavioral change coupled with sustainable cultural improvement.

Typical improvement in
operating performance:
20% – 30%

Traditional guarantee
for clients:
3:1 ROI
(or better)