Eric Herbst, Director of Operations for The Powers Company Speaks to HR Professionals

GAINESVILLE, GA – Eric Herbst, Director of Operations and Managing Partner for The Powers Company, spoke at this years’ Human Resource Employer Symposium for The Board of Gulf Coast Human Resource Association.

Founded in 1983, The Gulf Coast Human Resources Association, an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), is dedicated to developing and assisting human resources professionals by providing them with development and networking opportunities. The annual symposium, bringing together top HR professionals, invites keynote speakers to discuss the latest trends and advances in the profession.

Herbst led a discussion on Aligning Operational Metrics to Achieve Company Objectives. He explained how operational performance is often controlled by front-line management and how it is crucial to provide them with the tools and training on management behaviors in order to reach their objectives as a company. Herbst, a twenty year veteran of operational improvement, further explained how often times, these systems fail due to information from departments not being related or linked. Front-line supervision ends up suffering the consequences because the information needed to make the right decisions for the organization is not available in a timely manner.

“The majority of our clients know that aligning operational metrics is the foundation to meet company objectives, but need a third party, like The Powers Company, to assist them in implementing the right metrics and behaviors,” said Herbst. “Frequently, we work with HR Departments to develop the management skills, at all levels, and provide tools that are necessary to reach those objectives”