Largest Private Company in USA selects The Powers Company again for Project #15

GAINESVILLE, GA – The largest private company in the United States has selected The Powers Company again for project #15 to help facilitate its Front Line Leadership development at one of its facilities in Missouri. “Their Leadership Team understands that there is a direct correlation between the quality of their Front Line leadership and the quality of their operational performance. This engagement is an investment in the development and success of the people most important to their business. The result is a consistent, predictable and efficient operation that will help maximize their supply chain optimization focus”, said Jose Perez, Managing Partner with The Powers Company.

Their decision to use The Powers Company is based on having dedicated resources available to quickly facilitate a process with the front line team that better aligns the right behaviors with the right processes, and right data and information, so that the operation runs at its highest capacity utilization and lowest costs.

“Our continued partnership is 100% reflective of our ability to create value within their supply chain and to help them unlock this value quickly. The immediate financial benefit from our engagements is secondary to the long term benefit of having consistent, predictable and efficient operations where their supply chain can be optimized. This is a true win-win relationship” said Randall Powers, Managing Partner with The Powers Company.