Boosted on-time completion up 60% for large insurance group

This large provider of group insurance sought to reduce its contracts case backlog, embody its customer service philosophy and create a greater capacity for future growth. The Powers Company opened up channels of communication and equipped managers with the tools to improve accountability and productivity. The results? A 60 percent jump in on-time completion, an 8 percent gain in efficiency, improved service, and newfound capacity to accommodate three years of growth.

Our client is the contracts organization within a national provider of group insurance. This group is responsible for ensuring that contracts are written properly to address the specific provisions for each new client. The insurer expected new accounts to be operational within 30 days of being sold. However, this process was taking much longer, with many of the delays attributed to the contracts group.

In addition, the insurer had just introduced new customer service standards. The department needed help translating the aspirational philosophy into operational metrics and strategies. The Powers Company was engaged to help the insurer reduce turnaround times, provide consistent quality when processing cases, and accommodate future growth.

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