New M&R controls, scheduled maintenance and planning equip potato processor to slice maintenance spend and downtime

This global potato processor and fast-food supplier needed to shrink its maintenance spend, better manage parts procurement and fully utilize its own skilled labor before hiring contractors. It also needed to streamline equipment sanitizing and make preventive maintenance a priority. The Powers Company instituted planning and scheduling controls; realigned roles and responsibilities; and eliminated wasteful contracting practices. The result? Supersized savings with a heaping helping of M&R visibility.

Based in Idaho, our client supplies French fries, hash browns and other formed-potato products to global fast-food companies, restaurants, distributors and retail customers. Its highly automated plants operate 24/7 nonstop, except for a day of scheduled equipment sanitation every three weeks. Maximum equipment uptime and utilization are imperative. The client engaged The Powers Company to help it reduce maintenance expenditures; handle and control parts purchasing and inventory; schedule/ optimize maintenance resources; and reduce equipment downtime, particularly the sanitation turnaround.

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