move money out of your warehouse and into your bank account


Our Sales & Operations Planning Services provide an unbeatable Management Operating System for clients’ demand, production, and inventory planning. Based on the success of these efforts in recent projects, we’re now offering this service to current and past clients as a very valuable way to convert inventory to cash on your Balance Sheet while maintaining or improving customer service levels.

Symfini™ Sales & Operations Planning Services

The Powers Company can perform a comprehensive analysis of your forecasting, demand planning, inventory policies, and operations planning processes. We’ll identify the key people in these processes, the primary customers, the financial decision horizon of those customers, the skills of the individuals, and the degree of coordination of these processes. Through this activity we define a Sales & Operations Planning Process specifically based on the unique needs of your company and supply chain.

We’ll also identify potential savings and develop a plan to implement these new polices and processes, along with the skills, behaviors and metrics to execute this on a regular basis. The likely financial benefits? Improved EBITDA from lower inventory carrying costs and more cash on the Balance Sheet from the reduction in inventory.

Is your Sales & Operations Planning department effective?

We have a list of 22 simple questions to answer honestly about your organization. If you can’t answer most of them quickly and effectively then you should consider talking with The Powers Company about some of the missed opportunities within your supply chain and S&OP.

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What the unsultants can provide for your organization:

  • An efficient Management Operating System for your entire S&OP Process
  • A clear understanding of the required participants, process, customers, and impact of the decisions being made
  • Improved skills and efficient behaviors for all participants
  • Effective metrics to promote the process, behaviors and results that most benefit your company
  • Lower overall inventory
  • Higher customer service by having the right inventory
  • Less disruption to the supporting production and procurement processes
  • Cash to your balance sheet