unsilo with symfini: our Integrated Management System


Now you can get all your departments in perfect harmony with our new bundled solution, symfini. It helps eliminate operational silos so software systems, people, and data can work together seamlessly. Moving productivity to peak capacity and maximizing operating performance.

Best of all (and unlike many of our competitors’ offerings) our Integrated Management System (IMS) fully integrates with your existing IT systems, rather than requiring tons of additional capital investment.

Once properly executed, your managers and supervisors will be able to fully utilize the system for planning, scheduling, executing, follow up, and reporting on their areas. You’ll then see the right behaviors, skills, communications, interactions, and decisions from the rest of your staff as well. In practically no time, your organization will enjoy substantially increased performance and an improved culture of operational excellence.

Signs your system is not properly integrated:

  • Managers hang on to legacy systems and tools
  • Master data does not reflect true capability—only historical performance
  • The timeliness and accuracy of the data have not been defined
  • Data doesn’t “connect” the departments through the supply chain
  • Multiple managers use the data differently or not at all

Consequences of not having an Integrated Management System:

  • Data platforms do not produce an ROI
  • True cost of materials and labor are not fully understood
  • User adoption is purely mechanical, at best
  • The IT data system is incapable of useful analytics
  • Noticeable dissension between IT department and Operations