POWERS Adds $1.2 Million to Wind Tower Manufacturer’s Bottom Line, Slashing Overtime by 50% While Improving Productivity and Efficiency.

POWERS partnered with an industry-leading wind tower manufacturer to identify and quantify opportunities to improve the systems, processes, and leadership behaviors aligned with their previously established cultural values.

Project Overview

POWERS partnered with an industry-leading wind tower manufacturer to improve the systems, processes, and leadership behaviors aligned with their previously established cultural values.

Among the challenges, the Partner lost 20% of its planned volume mid-year by failing to meet monthly production requirements for its single-largest customer while consuming excessive overtime (the previous year’s overtime for direct hourly employees stood at 35.8%). Their customer wanted to increase volume, but instead, they were taking production away due to the poor performance.

Our Discovery process uncovered that their production MOS was poorly managed and underutilized. Departments were operating in silos with no planned or prioritized sequencing to support downstream activities starving them of materials. Management responded with increased overtime. A noticeable lack of organization and accountability at shift start each day led to high startup times. Turnover was high across the organization but highest among supervisors and leads.

Our approach was to strengthen their culture and grow their frontline leader capabilities through training and coaching while retooling the operation processes to achieve the plant’s goals.

To specifically address turnover, POWERS constructed an adaptable onboarding process to acclimate new leaders
to their culture, ensure a good fit, and meet their ISO requirements.

Performance Results

POWERS wind tower manufacturer case study performance results metrics KPIs

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