POWERS Removes Performance Bottlenecks from Major Beverage Manufacturer Facing Unprecedented Demand

POWERS Leads Operations, Maintenance, Planning, and Inventory Control Turnaround at Major Beverage Industry Manufacturer

Project Overview

POWERS partnered with a major 3rd-party beverage manufacturer facing significant hurdles in meeting a 31% increase in demand forecast for 2021. Operators of two bottling and canning plants, our new client/partner faced a sharp decrease in capacity utilization of nearly 40% due to excessive unplanned downtime, labor shortages during the pandemic, and challenges introducing and growing new product lines.

While demand was headed skyward, their ability to meet that demand was flagging or bottoming out at historic lows. Although the company had a robust stated culture, it was not aligned to performance expectations and outcomes.

Our analysis uncovered significant challenges in operations, maintenance, planning, and inventory control, but two areas of opportunity stood out: front-line leadership training and supply chain management.

A historical lack of training and development programs designed to meet flexible production and product demand left their front-line supervisors and managers ill-equipped to manage the extreme, pandemic-induced demand fluctuations. Additionally, poorly executed supply chain planning and controls led to daily raw material and packaging shortages.

Production Improvements

  • 7% YOY gain in overall plant equivalent cases
  • 30% improvement in Clean in Place (CIP) times
  • 30% reduction in startup delays

Maintenance Improvements

  • 120% increase in maintenance work order execution to schedule
  • 30% increase in mechanic utilization
  • 39% reduction in mechanic overtime percentage

Logistics Improvements

  • 44% improvement in inventory accuracy
  • 100% pass rate of internal inventory audits
  • 80% reduction in refrigerated truck wait times

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