COVID-19 powerup programs and resources

High-impact programs and resources to assist manufacturers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

our POWERUP programs

Severe market disruptions like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have created huge challenges for U.S. Manufacturers. Dealing with rapidly-changing market demand, supply chain interruptions, logistics, and facilities challenges are monumental undertakings. And the human toll is even worse. Uncertainty and fear in your workforce, overstressed leadership and management, stay-at-home orders, and absenteeism profoundly impact your ability to remain focused and productive.

To assist our clients during these challenging times, POWERS has implemented new low-cost, high-value initiatives that can help your organization remain highly productive right now.

We Will Work Within Your Health, Safety, and Workforce Policies:

  • Our team will maintain all health, safety, and cleaning protocols
  • Our team will not travel back and forth
  • Our team will follow all policies for employees coming in and out, new employees, or temporary employees

Productivity Sprint

Accelerate your organization's capacity, throughput, and overall productivity amid market disruptions.

  • A focus on front-line leadership in the heart of your operations
  • Optimization of your start-up and first-hour productivity
  • Implementation of hourly performance awareness and response mechanisms
  • Elimination of critical lost-time and waste contributors
  • Empowerment of your front-line leaders and employees to produce at full capacity
  • Reinforcement of production-floor supervision and oversight
  • Immediate and measurable results

Optimized Start-Up

Address operational challenges with an efficient and effective start-up of new or existing production operations within your facility.

Manufacturing Processes Covered:

  • Product and Material Workflow Schematic
  • New Product Integration
  • Production Schedule Review, Planning, and Communication
  • Master Labor Planning: Crewing Guidelines and Line Balancing
  • Capacity Utilization Strategies
  • Critical Lost-Time and Waste Identification and Elimination

Maintenance/Equipment Reliability:

  • Daily Preventative Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
  • Equipment Pre-Check and Inspection Processes
  • New Equipment Installation Planning
  • Equipment Start-Up Preparation and Execution Procedures
  • Start-Up Downtime Tracking & Root-Cause-Analysis

Workforce Productivity:

  • Supervisor/Lead Development Focus: Short-Interval Follow-Up, Reporting,
  • Problem/Barrier Identification, Root Cause Analysis, Action Planning, Active
  • Management Behaviors, and Ownership & Accountability
  • Start-Up Efficiency and Barrier Removal Best-Practices
  • Start-Up and First-Hour Productivity Standards
  • Hourly Performance Awareness and Response Mechanisms
  • Fast-Track Programs: New-Hire On-Boarding; On-The-Job Training

Key Role Support

We can support your workforce challenges with a team of experienced, proven leaders to fill key roles in your operation today.

Front-Line Supervision:

  • Multi-Shift Coverage
  • Daily Communication
  • Line Balancing
  • Short-Interval Follow-Up
  • Daily Operations Planning
  • Labor Planning & Scheduling

Performance Improvement:

  • Employee Engagement Activities
  • Capacity Utilization Quick-Wins
  • Optimizing Performance Attainment
  • Workflow Process Enhancements
  • Employee Coaching & Feedback

New-Hire Onboarding:

  • Candidate Screening Support
  • Job Description Enhancements
  • Operator Roles & Responsibility Review
  • New-Hire Orientation Support
  • On-The-Job Training

Improvement Recommendations:

  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Lost Time & Waste Contributors
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Employee Engagement & Retention


We've implemented a series of short and informative videos designed to improve, optimize, and sustain the performance of your organization. Sean Hart, CEO of POWERS, tackles productivity topics like Set-Up, Start-Up, Shut Down and Optimizing Hourly Performance. Dr. Donte Vaughn, our Vice President, Organizational Leadership & Culture, covers how your company's culture impacts performance. The objective is to deliver high-value microlearning you can use today.

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