Largest Eye Care Device Company “Sees the Light” by Selecting POWERS Leadership and Cultural Performance Development to Align With Industry 4.0

Eye care device manufacturer brings on POWERS to implement Cultural Performance management system as part of Industry 4.0

ATLANTA, GA, Wednesday, August 25, 2021 – The largest eye care company in the world has selected POWERS’ innovative Leadership Development and Cultural Performance Optimization Process to support and optimize its capacity expansion and start-up performance.

Sean Hart, CEO with POWERS, “Our new Partner is a world leader in Industry 4.0, and we are thrilled to be a key in developing and implementing the right leadership skills and behaviors to optimize this capacity expansion and start-up performance. Our objective is to optimize their Industry 4.0 by implementing the timely decision-making required using data analytics to optimize throughput and costs while simultaneously implementing the advanced leadership skills required to optimize employee engagement and involvement. This is the future of leadership development.”

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