“We are happy to be selected by one of the South’s premier Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to partner in facilitating and implementing significantly better front-line management and supervisory skills. Obviously, this will result in much better productivity, lower conversion cost, maintenance effectiveness, yield, and of course, their financials”, states Sean Hart, COO with The Powers Company.

The Powers Company will start this engagement with one of four facilities located in South Carolina. The objective is to increase productivity while implementing a culture where front-line management demonstrates and engages all employees in a way identical to the Culture this company desires.

“Our client understands that culture is not what is stated in the company values hanging in their corporate lobby, but that culture is the actual behaviors that their front-line team demonstrates every hour of every day. They also understand that employees define corporate culture by the actual behaviors of their immediate Supervisor”, adds Randall Powers, Managing Partner at TPC. Randall adds that “the economy and market where it is today regarding a tight skilled labor market, and with many of the technological advances leveling out, some companies are realizing that employee engagement, effectiveness, & productivity in the US is where the real value creation exists in operations.”

About The Powers Company
The Powers Company is headquartered in North Atlanta and assists companies in substantially improving operational performance. Our improvement methodology is effective in areas of the business from sales, operations, quality, engineering, project management, procurement, scheduling, inventory control, logistics and customer service. The company serves businesses in the manufacturing and service sector as it relates to the operations side of the business. To learn more visit us at www.thepowerscompany.com

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