Gainesville, Ga. December 7, 2017 – The Powers Company (TPC) won a competitive bid to partner with one of the world’s leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers to significantly improve supply chain effectiveness and operational performance. Equally important, TPC will be implementing with this management team a culture of highly engaging and effective front-line leadership skills and disciplines.

“We are very excited about the progress of our partnerships within the automotive and transportation industries,” says Sam Sottile for The Powers Company. Sam adds, “We see a bright future in the automotive space as technology is rapidly changing and demand is growing, while supply chain requirements are concurrently increasing.”

TPC was selected based on the skill set of its team. “Our client wanted to partner with a team that could roll up its sleeves and actually help assist in the right development and execution of the supply chain processes. We are helping build-out the advanced demand planning systems, BOM development, planning and scheduling systems, inventory and warehouse management while implementing the right behaviors and skills to execute these processes correctly out in the operations. Most firms in our space do not possess the skill set to positively facilitate and implement both the right systems requirements and operational execution.” says Sean Hart, COO.

“Companies are currently faced with an extremely tight labor market making the front-line leaders role of paramount importance,” says Randall Powers, President of TPC. Randall adds, “Front-line leaders today must be significantly better at engaging, involving, developing and optimizing the culture at the front line in order to attract and secure the best labor in today’s market. Our current client understands this economic situation and wants to achieve a culture where their front-line leaders are a competitive weapon in the marketplace and employees are eager to actively participate."

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