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POWERS scores cultural and operational optimization partnership with premier midwestern meat company

GAINESVILLE, GA, Friday, February 26, 2021 –

Powers has been selected to facilitate the cultural and operational optimization for the premier meat company in the Midwest. Our new Partner’s cultural mission: To optimize the character and skills of all associates who are key in propelling the business forward without sacrificing safety, food quality, or efficiency in their everyday work. 

“Our new Partner seeks a culture where associates are empowered to take responsibility to act more entrepreneurially and drive solutions to achieve both personal and business growth. They desire improved management skills and interactions that are foundational to a strong culture. They seek enhanced ownership and accountability from all associates to generate personal growth and engagement. Our new Partner seeks to treat all associates equitably and reward them for the great work they do every day,” says POWERS COO, Craig Wall.

Sean Hart, CEO, adds: “Our new Partner is the sector leader in understanding the value of implementing a company culture where their corporate Values are ‘lived out’ by their leadership team. They seek the highest level of Cultural Integrity.  Our new partner understands that operational optimization is only achieved through cultural optimization. Their culture will now further separate them from their competition and solidify their long-term position as the premier breakfast food company.”

Learn more about our Operational and Cultural improvements here.  

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