Our 5-step process.

Often, when we’re in discussions with organizations, their first question is: "Why do we need an outside resource to help us optimize our business?" Here’s the short answer: Using our proven process, we can bring about operational change that takes less time, is less intrusive, and is less distracting than if your internal team does it themselves. But best of all, our process delivers guaranteed savings to your bottom line.

The following is a short overview of our 5-step process. To see how it all translates to real-world success for clients, view our case studies.

Conduct a two-to-three week Analysis of your company’s operational and financial opportunities.

Working closely with your team, we’ll determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing Management Operating System, your staff’s supervisory skills and behaviors, as well as any process or operational problems that exist. We won’t take on an assignment if we can’t substantially improve your bottom line.

Identify the financial benefits your company gains by working with The Powers Company.

We’ll explain the magnitude of savings, detailed out by line item on the P&L, along with the operational improvements needed to achieve those results. We’ll also specify a guaranteed ROI and cash flow, as well as a process for measuring the savings weekly.

Collaboratively develop a detailed, customized implementation plan.

Rather than hand you an off-the-shelf solution, we create a custom plan that specifically addresses your company’s unique challenges and how we’ll improve performance, including a schedule of work, deliverables, resource requirements, and timing for the plan.

Actively work side by side with your team to execute the plan.

Our unsultants will roll up their sleeves and get to work with your front-line leadership and their teams to build a solid level of trust and ensure the plan is understood and embraced by everyone.

Analyze the true ROI and savings improvement resulting from our engagement.

Ultimately, the success of our collaboration with your company is measured using your company’s own numbers and success metrics, not some fuzzy measure we force on you. Remember, we don’t get paid for time and activity. Only for getting you measurable results. You’ll see firsthand how our guaranteed savings and cash flow commitments were met (and as is often the case, far exceeded).