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Key Role Support Program

“Meeting current demand and dynamic market conditions has dramatically disrupted our workforce and left critical roles unfilled. We need to find highly-qualified people to step into these positions now.”

Jop Openings in US Manufacturing Remain at Historically-High Levels. We Can Help Fill Critical Roles Right Now.

Job openings for vital positions in US Manufacturing have averaged approx. 863,000 per month in 2022 and remain at persistently high and historical levels. As manufacturers and distributors navigate challenging market conditions, the need to temporarily fill essential leadership roles can be critical to achieving overall performance goals and ROI.

Business Challenge

Vital management roles going unfilled can severely impact production and overall performance. Finding top candidates that can be immediate impact players can be costly and time-consuming.

Today’s manufacturing and distribution leaders must be able to step into their roles ready to handle the rigors and challenges of the position and drive performance improvements from day one.

In the ordinary course of business, companies periodically experience attrition of key frontline leadership personnel. The recent pandemic and its ongoing workforce, supply chain, and marketplace disruptions have significantly increased the likelihood of this occurring in your organization.

Moreover, these times require a higher level of performance from your frontline leaders due to fluctuations in customer demand, significant changes to product mix, additional requirements for deep cleaning of facilities and equipment, “distancing,” rotating shifts, or time gaps between shifts, fewer hours available for production, and more.

POWERS key role support maintenance performance improvement for manufacturers

Our Key Role Support Program

POWERS has implemented a Key Role Support Program; a low-cost, high-value solution that enables your organization to deploy one or more industry trained frontline leadership (FLL) strategists – to fill this management gap. Our POWERS FLL Strategists have extensive real-world production management and executive leadership experience; enabling their ability to quickly understand, adapt, and positively impact your business operation – at the front line. Our unique solution exceeds any measure of temporary leadership oversight provided by staffing agencies, head-hunters, and consultative service providers.

Don’t allow mission-critical gaps in leadership coverage to continue to negatively impact your Productivity, Quality, Safety, and Efficiency. The Key Role Support Program will help fill this void while contributing to upgrades of your production processes, sharing of best practices with other key leaders within your operation, assisting in the hiring of the long-term replacements for that position, and training the new leaders to manage the assigned area of business to its full potential capacity.

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What Can You Expect From the Key Role Support Program?

  • Fill critical management positions in Operations, Supply Chain, and Maintenance, from executive leadership through frontline supervisory roles, to optimize productivity and performance.
  • Leverage your current management operating systems, tools, and controls to optimize performance.
  • Identity and implement upgrades to your management operation systems, tools, and processes.
  • Demonstrate and coach others on the right leadership skills and behaviors to improve your culture and performance.
  • Identify and resolve problems or barriers to achieving area performance.
  • Implement performance-based accountability in production.
POWERS Key Role Support Program

Frontline Supervision:

  • Multi-Shift Coverage
  • Daily Communication
  • Line Balancing
  • Short-Interval Follow-Up
  • Daily Operations Planning
  • Labor Planning & Scheduling

Performance Improvement:

  • Employee Engagement Activities
  • Capacity Utilization Quick-Wins
  • Optimizing Performance Attainment
  • Workflow Process Enhancements
  • Employee Coaching & Feedback

New-hire Onboarding:

  • Candidate Screening Support
  • Job Description Enhancements
  • Operator Roles & Responsibility Review
  • New-Hire Orientation Support
  • On-The-Job Training

Improvement Recommendations:

  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Lost Time & Waste Contributors
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Employee Engagement & Retention

Standard Resources and Duration:

  • Duration: Minimum 8 weeks
  • Onsite: 1 or more production leadership experts

NOTE: *Expanded program resources and duration available as recommended or requested