Maintenance Performance

“Unexpected maintenance issues and downtime cost our company a lot of time and money. How can we improve our maintenance performance?”

Maintenance Performance Assessment

The maintenance team keeps processes running smoothly, ensuring the product can keep flowing to the customer. Corrective maintenance is a necessary resource when equipment availability meets demand or when equipment needs repair. If maintenance performance needs to be improved in any area like preventive maintenance, maintenance staffing, or planning and scheduling, the overall production–not to mention the company’s bottom line–will suffer.

There are many maintenance philosophies, ranging from a mentality of “run until it breaks” to constant monitoring and repair of equipment. A preventive maintenance program ensures the most efficiency and the best performance in most facilities. Regular equipment maintenance is essential in preventing the failure of the equipment, which can significantly affect productivity.

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  • Work Order System
  • Work Estimates
  • Backlog
  • Staffing
  • Work Assignments
  • And More

Developing a Plan

Overall, downtime costs most factories somewhere between 5% and 20% of their productive capacity. – PTC

Unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion annually. Equipment failure is the cause of 42% of this unplanned downtime.  – IndustryWeek

In order to improve maintenance performance, the first thing you need to do is develop a plan for improvement. The purpose of this development is the highest maintenance optimization. Perhaps you want to minimize downtime of equipment or maybe you want to reorganize your assets. To see the maintenance performance improvement you want to see, you will first need to develop a plan and a timetable.

At POWERS, we aren’t your typical consultant or advisor. We analyze your current maintenance processes to develop a plan customized to meet the needs of your organization. We help you to implement the plan so that your maintenance team can become accustomed to any new processes. With the improvement of maintenance performance and the implementation of best practices, overall productivity will increase.

Updating Technology

This is especially important if your organization is still relying on pen and paper or spreadsheets to track your assets and work orders. To see the most maintenance optimization, you may want to streamline your operations with the help of a computerized maintenance management system. This allows for an easier process for work orders, real time maintenance information, preventive maintenance scheduling, and labor reports, which will only be a good thing for your facility.

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The POWERS Difference

As an external presence in your organization, we can provide objective analysis of your maintenance processes and help drive maintenance performance improvement. When improving a manufacturing maintenance optimization, you need to talk to an expert. We hold a mirror up to your organization, providing an unbiased view of your current processes. We identify the areas where your maintenance department is performing well and the areas where there could be some improvement. We work with your organization to develop a plan, implement the training across your plant, and empower you to see maintenance performance improvement.

We Will Assess The Maintenance Operations In Your Factory In The Following Areas:
Organizational Climate
Work Cycle
Training & Growth
Equipment & Tools
Planning & Scheduling
Management Structures
Predictive Maintenance
Quality Control
Maintenance Impact
Parts Management
Preventative Maintenance
Maintenance Staffing
Asset Analysis
Change Management

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Our Plan vs. Actual vs. Variance approach drives the heartbeat of a strong, sustainable maintenance department and Maintenance Operating System results.

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