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A. No matter what industry you operate within, or how large your organization is, people, particularly your frontline leaders, are the key to rapid and sustainable performance improvement. We focus on your culture, and how you operationalize it, for that reason.

A. Traditionally, culture initiatives have been within the purview of human resources departments and many times fail as they are implemented across an organization due to cross-departmental dissonance. Our experience is that your culture is the key contributor to improving operational performance. By focusing on the “cultural integrity” across your organization, especially in the areas, and with the people, that directly impact performance, your culture is stronger and more accountable to the bottom line.

A. We track overall savings and ROI as well as the percent increase improvement of yields, capacity utilization, direct labor with fringe, indirect labor with fringe, overhead, salaries, packaging, repair and maintenance, and inventory reduction/balancing (working capital).

A. We have implemented rapid and sustained performance improvement in both goods and services sectors across many industries. You’ll find a complete list of the industries we serve.

A. Yes, we do. We have never worked with a client for which we failed to deliver on the opportunities for improvement that we uncovered in our initial assessment.

A. Just like there is no typical client or company, there is no one-size-fits-all timeline for our process. Our approach is customized to suit the unique needs and areas of improvement for each potential client. After our initial 2-week assessment, our engagements can run anywhere from 8 to 40 weeks.

A. What sets the POWERs team apart from other resources is our substantial operations, finance, and human resources experience in the manufacturing sector combined with our unique approach to manufacturing consulting: Operationalizing Your Culture. We seek to purposefully align your organization’s culture with the skills and behaviors that will lead directly to higher productivity and efficiency, sustainable performance improvement, and a healthier bottom line.