Shop Floor Excellence

"How can I ensure that the processes my team follows on the shop floor are the most productive, safe, and efficient?"

Shop Floor Excellence begins with Leadership

The Site Leader (Management, the Supervisor, etc.) needs to have a compelling vision and communicate it persistently at all levels to achieve true shop floor excellence. Efficiency begins at the top, and everyone in the organization must head in the same direction.

The team must then work together to implement routine accountability habits throughout the site. In being committed to shop floor excellence, the leaders can ensure that the team carry out only the optimal conditions, best practices, and superior processes.


"The majority of manufacturing companies run at 60 - 80% efficiency." - Rhythm Systems

Throughout the site, leaders need to hold workers accountable. The structure that the business is built on should allow for this. Team leaders can accomplish this by ensuring that there are frequent routine, focused accountability meetings to ensure that all workers in the group take agreed upon actions. In holding the team accountable, the company can get rid of inefficiency and save money, positively affecting the supply chain and production.


Throughout the company, leaders need to have a systematic framework to ensure that time spent on the shop floor is as structured as possible. With this framework, foremen can focus on the team's routine habits of accountability. They will then have more time to focus on problem solving, coaching, and supporting the team.

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Workers must set up visual controls and triggers at all workstations. This way, a worker will easily be able to assess a machine or process and determine whether or not it is within the normal standards. A visual trigger can be a tag on a machine, a graph, or a chart. Workers can create visual triggers anytime a problem is identified. This is a good way to ensure productivity.


Leaders should ensure that they identify all standards and help the team to become well versed in all of the most efficient processes and settings. If leaders have not established these standards, they will need a plan to reinstate the basic conditions that are needed to meet the standards. That's where our shop floor excellence program comes in.


In order for a company to remain profitable, the entire team must run the shop floor processes as smoothly as possible. It's imperative for leaders and team members to have effective plans, whether you're keeping up with machine maintenance or responding to your customers' demands.

We are not your typical consultant or advisor. We have a unique development program that focuses on operational excellence and continuous improvement. We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to implement changes from our training, mentoring your team and emphasizing best practices.


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