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Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

Justin Pethick

As Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Justin Pethick focuses on developing strong relationships with clients through engagement, education, and analysis.

Drawing upon a decade of experience in operations management, business process improvement, and corporate strategy, he methodically works to identify where each prospective new business fits into a core operational framework.

Before joining POWERS, Justin held multiple business strategy, consulting, and sales roles for private equity and large financial companies. He recently worked for a technology and process improvement firm that worked with Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Target, and Nike.

Before his business career, Justin played professional hockey. He has kept up with the sport by passing the puck for the Texas Titans, a minor league hockey team that donates their proceeds to local charities that benefit veterans.

Justin holds an MBA from Cornell University and a Master of Science and Technology degree from Brown University, focusing on corporate strategy.