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At POWERS, we help manufacturers plan and implement measurable and sustainable performance improvements in critical areas of the organization’s value chain, from inputs to outputs, to create and sustain competitive advantage.

Our unique Culture Performance Management™ methodology aligns your leadership, workforce, and performance outcomes to your company culture to transform productivity in critical areas such as capacity, yield, throughput, uptime, cost management, and margin.

Our proven methods in management consulting can return millions to your bottom line. And through our hands-on, onsite training and coaching techniques, your team will reach and sustain these critical performance improvements in months, not years.

Please read through our articles on company culture, operational excellence, supply chain management, maintenance performance improvement, and more. 


Second round of deserts post News

Results So Sweet, They Came Back for a Second Slice

Atlanta, GA, April 19, 2024 – POWERS, a renowned consulting firm specializing in improving organizational productivity and profitability, is delighted to announce that it has been invited back for a second time to facilitate the management operating system optimization and frontline leadership development for a leading producer of exquisite desserts in the U.S. food service and retail sectors. This marks a continuation of the successful partnership between POWERS and the baked goods producer, highlighting the

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