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Our Process to Optimize Business Performance

Discover, Implement, and Measure Success with POWERS. Our unique 3-Phase Process is customized to your business to drive immediate and sustained performance improvements.

Improving Productivity: Uncover and Leverage Every Opportunity for Success with POWERS.

Our unique 3-Phase Process is specifically tailored to align with the unique dynamics and requirements of your business, ensuring that it drives not just immediate but also sustained performance improvements.

This highly-customized approach begins with our Discovery phase, where we delve into your operations to uncover untapped opportunities.

Following this, we enter the Implementation phase, where our team crafts and executes a tailored strategy to leverage these opportunities.

The final stage is where we Evaluate ROI & Savings closely analyzing and reporting the impact of our interventions, ensuring they translate into tangible improvements in your bottom line.

Through this comprehensive approach, we commit to identifying potential and transforming it into lasting value for your business.

Phase 1: Discovery

Conduct an in-depth analysis of your company’s operational and financial opportunities.

The heart of the 2-week discovery phase is assessing your organization's operational culture and finding opportunities.

Working closely with your team, we’ll determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing Management Operating System, your staff’s supervisory skills and behaviors, as well as any process or operational problems that exist.

Most clients are excited to learn the magnitude of opportunity we uncover during our assessment phase.

Week 1: Discovery Assessment

Using proven methods, we perform comprehensive studies in areas including workflow processes, operating data, systems/ tools, inventory management, cultural issues, labor and equipment utilization, and more. The studies performed by POWERS often uncover chronic operating issues that have become ingrained in your operational culture but have never been adequately quantified to unveil the true cost to your company.  

We’ll explain the magnitude of savings, detailed out by line item on the P&L, along with the operational improvements needed to achieve those results. We’ll also specify a guaranteed ROI and cash flow, as well as a process for measuring the savings weekly. 

Week 2: Discovery approach            

After Discovery we outline the approach, we lay out the facts, and connect the dots with your team to validate the findings and set a course of action to bridge any gaps, eliminate root causes, and develop the roadmap of how to get from the current state to desired future state for their success and delivery of operational results from shop floor to the top floor.

Your business is unique and requires a custom-built approach that fits your objectives while maintaining your values and core believes to drive a sustainable performance improvement culture long after the engagement ends. 

Phase 2: Implementation

Once we have uncovered performance improvement opportunities, we leverage them during our implementation phase.

Once we complete the Discovery phase, the initiative execution and implementation can start quickly. This phase of our partnership is a decision point for you after the Discovery and Findings presentation. We do not ask you to commit until we present the findings from Discovery to you and your team, and we determine an implementation approach.

At this point, we provide a key event schedule defining the critical milestones and events, the scope of the engagement, the financial performance tracking methodology, and the duration of the partnership. 

We roll up our sleeves and get to work with your frontline leadership and their teams to build a solid level of trust and ensure the plan is understood and embraced by everyone. 

Phase 3: Evaluate ROI & Savings

During our final phase, we analyze and report on the ROI and savings achieved from our engagement.

In Phase 3, we provide a detailed analysis of the real ROI and savings improvements resulting from our engagement.

Ultimately, the success of our collaboration with your company is measured using your company’s specific numbers and success metrics, not some fuzzy measure we force on you. Remember, we don’t get paid for our time and activity.

We get compensated by delivering your organization measurable results. You’ll see firsthand how our savings and cash flow commitments were met (and as is often the case, far exceeded). 

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