The POWERS leadership team

Our leadership team has deep, C-level experience in virtually every area of expertise in business, from operations to finance and human resources to supply chain management and logistics.
Sean Hart, Chief Executive Officer, POWERS Management Consulting

Sean Hart

Chief executive officer
managing partner
Chief Executive Officer And Managing Partner

Sean Hart

Sean Hart is an industrial engineer with a background in manufacturing supervision and project management. Sean’s experience is in improving overall plant efficiencies and implementing Lean techniques to improve processes.

Before joining POWERS, Sean’s positions included production manager and process engineer in the operations departments of ceramic and precision metal fabrication industries. Sean’s experience also includes managing front-line supervisors with 100 employees.

Sean graduated from Kennesaw State University with a B.S. in Psychology and Southern Polytechnic State University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.

Craig Wall

Chief delivery officer
Chief Delivery Officer

Craig Wall

Craig joined POWERS in 2016, bringing over 30 years of business experience in a diverse listing of manufacturing and industry groups. A few of these include aluminum extruding, metals fabrication, warehousing and inventory management, supplier management, steel manufacturing, optical manufacturing, and environmental & safety regulatory compliance. In addition, he has held positions as Production Manager, Operations Manager, Materials Manager, EH&S Manager, and project and analysis management in the consulting industry.

Holding various positions from front-line supervision to project management allows Craig to have a wide perspective of process and improvement opportunities, working with all levels within an organization. In addition, he brings demonstrated skill in the development and facilitation of training programs, presentation creation, delivery, and process evaluation and improvement implementation.

Before joining POWERS, Craig served as the Operations Manager at Sea Ray Boats, Inc., a subsidiary of Brunswick, Corp. Before that, he worked for Kawneer, Co. Inc., a subsidiary of Alcoa.

Craig graduated from Indiana University School of Business, majoring in both Marketing and Business Management. He began his work experience in manufacturing engineering and has expanded his professional experience since. He also held the position of co-chair of the Economic Development Enterprise of Flagler County in Florida for six years, working diligently to close the gap between local and state political agencies and private enterprises.

Chris Gregory, Chief Operating Officer, POWERS Management Consulting

Chris Gregory

Chief operating officer
Chief Operating Officer

Chris Gregory

Chris Gregory brings over 20 years of experience in management consulting specializing in business performance management, process improvement material yield, and throughput. His food and beverage sector expertise has transformed several large organizations, driving down conversion cost and cost to serve. In addition, his focus on Supply Chain Excellence has transformed some of the more complex environments.

He has managed and executed complex, transformational programs that account for more than $200 million of cost and revenue improvement.

Functional Domain expertise includes Operational Strategy and Restructuring, Operational Excellence, Asset Care, and Reliability, Operational Due Diligence:

  • Georgia Pacific – Multi-Site Operational Excellence
  • SpartanNash – Warehouse Execution
  • Borden Dairy – Multi-Site Operational Transformation
  • Wells Enterprise – Post Acquisition Supply Chain Integration
  • Coca Cola North America – Multi-site analysis and site transformation
  • Golden Plump – Operations Transformation
  • Kellogg’s Frozen Foods – Operations Excellence Deployment (2 sites)
  • MOM Brands (Post Consumer Brands) – Operations Excellence Deployment (3 sites)
  • US Foodservice – Operations Excellence Deployment (5 corporate functions and 78 operational divisions)

Chris holds a B.S., History/ Secondary Education at Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA.

Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM

Culture performance management advisor
Culture Performance Management Advisor

Dr. Donte Vaughn


Dr. Donte Vaughn is CEO of CultureWorx and Culture Performance Management Advisor to POWERS, with over 16 years of experience driving results in the public and private business sectors. Dr. Vaughn is a best-selling author, along with Randall Powers, of From Culture to Culture: The System to Define, Implement, Measure, and Improve Your Company Culture. Dr. Vaughn is an Offical Member of the Forbes Business Council.

Before POWERS, Dr. Vaughn founded and managed a boutique Operational Management Consulting practice serving the small business community. He also served in a Senior Executive capacity for firms providing labor strategy and workforce management solutions for the Industrial market space.

Dr. Vaughn studied at Drexel University and the University of Phoenix, where he earned a Doctor of Management (DM), a Master’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration & Management. Dr. Vaughn also serves as an Adjunct Business Faculty Member for American Intercontinental University (AIU).

His professional memberships include the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), National Speakers Association (NSA), National Small Business Association – Leadership Council, and the National Business Educators Association (NBEA).

Justin Pethick

Vice president of sales and strategy
Vice President of Sales and Strategy

Justin Pethick

As Vice President of Sales, Justin Pethick focuses on developing strong relationships with clients through engagement, education, and analysis. Drawing upon a decade of experience in operations management, business process improvement, and corporate strategy, he methodically works to identify where each prospective new business fits into a core operational framework.

Before joining POWERS, Justin held multiple business strategy, consulting, and sales roles for private equity and large financial companies. He recently worked for a technology and process improvement firm that worked with Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Target, and Nike. Before his business career, Justin played professional hockey. He has kept up with the sport by passing the puck for the Texas Titans, a minor league hockey team that donates their proceeds to local charities that benefit veterans.

Justin holds an MBA from Cornell University and a Master of Science and Technology degree from Brown University, focusing on corporate strategy.

Randall Powers

Managing partner
Managing Partner

Randall Powers

Randall Powers concentrates on Operational and Financial Due Diligence, Strategic Development, Management Training, and Business Development. Randall’s experience includes 20 years of business leadership in creating operational improvements. His accomplishments include successfully developing and implementing leading operational strategies, high-performance improvement techniques, and effective management and supervisory skills. Randall is also a best-selling author, along with Dr. Donte Vaughn, of From Culture to Culture: The System to Define, Implement, Measure, and Improve Your Company Culture

Before founding POWERS, Randall served as President and COO of Wise Metals Group and Chief of Operations for an operational improvement firm for more than 10 years. He started his career holding a variety of operating positions at United Parcel Service.

Randall graduated from the University of Georgia with an M.A. in Communications and Management and B.A. degrees in Economics and Philosophy.