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Boosted on-time completion up 60% for large insurance group

Group Insurance Provider

Our client is the contracts organization within a national provider of group insurance. This group is responsible for ensuring that contracts are written properly to address the specific provisions for each new client. The insurer expected new accounts to be operational within 30 days of being sold. However, this process was taking much longer, with many of the delays attributed to the contracts group.

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  • No defined process with timeframes for escalating problems to a manager
  • Cases bounced back and forth due to lack of regular interaction among key departments
  • No clear expectations or management controls
  • Reactive management instead of proactive management
  • No ability to track the status of cases or issues
  • Couldn’t assess their real capabilities to generate the right numbers for planning


The Powers Company was engaged to help the insurer reduce turnaround times, provide consistent quality when processing cases, and accommodate future growth.


  • Implement a daily schedule control to get managers onto the floor so they could monitor performance, quickly identify operating problems and take immediate corrective action.
  • Work alongside managers to identify required activities.
  • Trained managers to observe activities being performed in order to determine how long they should take.
  • Institute a weekly operating report to measure performance.
  • Establish quality focused metrics and processes.


By reshaping the behavior of their people and implementing new management controls, the contracts group sharply reduced its case backlog and turnaround times.


Decrease of Cases older Than 90 Days


Decrease in cases completed late


Drop in cases > 30 days old


Improvement in efficiency

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