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Frontline Leadership Engagement and Development

“My frontline managers spend most of their shifts reacting to the problems on the line. How do I get them thinking ahead of the daily fire-fighting, let alone develop them into better leaders?”

Frontline Leadership Development Customized to Build a Continuous Improvement Culture 

Our frontline leadership engagement and development empowers managers and supervisors with the leadership qualities, skills, and behaviors necessary to embody your organization’s core values and deliver immediate, sustainable, and scalable performance improvement.

Only 12% of Businesses Invest Sufficiently In Their Frontline Leaders

According to Harvard Business Review, frontline managers, foremen, and supervisors make up roughly 60% of a company’s management ranks. They are the glue that holds a business together and they are responsible for the most critical day-to-day performance metrics.

However, most frontline leaders are often promoted up from the workforce without the proper training around best practices and leadership skills necessary to function effectively and increase productivity. A 2014 Harvard Business Review report uncovers that only 12% of the businesses surveyed invest sufficiently in their frontline managers.

Rarely do they know how to motivate people and successfully integrate the tools, methods, systems, and processes required for your firm to operate at full capacity. Yet, as much as 95% of your operational throughput flows through their hands.

Your frontline leaders wind up chasing problems and fire-fighting every day. Over time they learn to survive in the chaos, leading to disengagement from their job and sub-standard performance. Ultimately, they may burn out and leave. And in this tight labor market, finding someone to replace them can be time-consuming and costly. When trying to make these frontline leaders more effective, companies face many challenges.

We dig in, side by side with you and your team to uncover the issues affecting performance in order to put transformative and sustainable optimization solutions in place. By implementing our expert recommendations, you'll empower your frontline leaders to deliver the performance metrics you need now and over the long haul. They'll be more engaged in their work and love what they do. And they'll appreciate the training and support you provided.

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Frontline Leadership Challenges

Most leaders believe accurately that a purposeful shift in culture is necessary to transform their operational performance but few know how to make this leap. Sometimes, leaders may try to bring in a costly consultant or advisor to recommend how to fix the problem, but no concrete, realistic steps emerge from that investment.

What if your leaders had a deep understanding of the best practices and behaviors that produce successful cultures and optimize performance, the insight on the methodology to implement this culture change, and the visibility to see and measure the attainment of these behaviors in real-time?

Self Awareness

Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses and how to interact with others who have different strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Agility

The ability to quickly apply lessons that have been learned to new obstacles and challenges.

Influencing Outcomes

Accomplishing goals by inspiring actions and decisions in the team.

Communication Skills

The ability to listen and communicate with people at all levels in the business, especially goals and expectations.

Motivating Others

The ability to inspire commitment and excellence in others.

Political Savviness

Relating well to others and developing positive relationships.

Our Unique and Proven Approach to Frontline Leadership Engagement and Development

We’ve developed our managerial and supervisory training approach through years of working in large-scale organizations, empowering their leaders, and delivering sustainable performance improvements. We deliver our training program throughout the day as the action unfolds. This unique approach provides coaching and mentoring at the side of your frontline leadership team to develop their practical supervisory skills, leadership traits, and how those abilities impact overall company performance. Our method of real-time, hands-on training goes beyond the work of just consultants or advisors. It empowers your firm’s leaders with the decision-making skills, language, and behaviors necessary to deliver significant performance improvements rapidly and sustain them over the long haul.

Our Approach is Based on the Following Actions:

Identify the daily
reality through side-by-side work.


Build trusted


Realize fundamental leadership principles.


We work hand in hand with your staff to investigate the best metrics of success.


Train primarily in the work center.


Customize implementation for your operations.

Realize and Sustain Your Full Operational Potential

Our approach to Frontline Leadership Training and Development is customized to the needs of each of our clients. Certainly, some elements of supervisory skills and behaviors are universal, but your needs, your goals, and your performance metrics are unique. The skills that are beyond those provided in a typical training course are the ones that will have the most significant impact on your bottom line.

No organization in the world is exactly like yours.
The full potential of efficiency within your operations is a function of your:

and the products you sell.


to customers and employees.


desired and actual.


We augment basic leadership training with the skills that your team needs to deliver your product to your customers on time with the promised quality while maintaining a work environment that is conducive to those objectives.

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