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At POWERS, we understand that swift changes in the Aerospace & Defense industry are creating pressure for organizations to revisit their day-to-day operations and innovate to reposition themselves for the future. We work directly with contractors to implement programs to cut downtime costs and increase labor effectiveness/productivity which, in turn, will bring you more competitive bids and won/awarded contracts.

We Are Implementation Experts. Our Experienced Team Turns Insight And Strategy Into Real Action And Results.

Aerospace & Defense manufacturers are facing increased cost and delivery pressure in order to maintain their contracts and customer relationships. Additionally, tight labor markets make it challenging for organizations to scale operations to meet the growing demand by simply hiring additional staff — your operations must be agile and effective.

Our expert team at POWERS has experience deploying a variety of tools based on our client’s unique challenges. These areas include:

  • Increase labor effectiveness, labor efficiency, and productivity 
  • Ensure each project is profitable by instituting weekly and monthly labor costs, materials, and indirect labor through established financial KPI’s
  • Create and define proactive performance metrics for the Director of Operations down to the Front Level Leader including:
    • Enhanced Inventory Management, Shrink Reduction, SLOB Inventory Reduction
    • Increased OEE
    • Schedule attainment and adherence 
    • Productivity and Efficiency
    • OT Cost 
    • First Pass Yield 
    • On-Time Delivery
  • Boost on-time performance, get programs back on a delivery schedule
  • Increase Machine Uptime, establish and reinforce R/Es for employees
  • Build worker engagement
  • Free unrealized Capacity to land more programs and customers
  • Create a forecast, weekly schedule that aligned all stakeholders upstream and downstream with commitment and service level agreements
  • Increase speed through process via reductions in rework, lost time, and reduction of expanded inspections due to poor quality
  • Implement adherence to the forecast; monitor schedule daily/weekly 
  • Build quality into the daily production processes; provide real-time feedback to associates on quality issues
  • Enact Effective Startups 
  • Institute hourly performance monitoring with short-interval followup and utilization of Plan/Actual/ Variance/Actions (PAVA)
  • Increase Supplier Score Card results with on-time delivery
  • Establish feedback loops to Program Management to more effectively
    manage customer communications
  • Increase bid accuracy by updating and correcting system data to reflect true work-to-time relationships

POWERS’ expert team is currently working with established, registered, and awarded companies providing products and services to the aerospace and defense industry. Their latest client delivers high-performing electronics solutions to some of the biggest names in defense and aerospace, including:

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