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POWERS can help increase your food and beverage manufacturing performance, saving you money, and improving your bottom line.

Fired Up On the Frontlines of Food and Beverage

How To Boost Manufacturing Performance And Keep Pace With The Ever-Growing Demand In This Important Industry

The assembly line runs. Hands struggle to keep up with machines, packaging cookies, processing meat, bottling milk. Preparing the sustenance that lands on tables all over the world, giving us life. 

Food and beverage manufacturers ensure everyone’s survival, and they can’t stop producing, even in the face of a pandemic, when the rest of the world is forced to pause. The demand for food and beverages is ever-present–and in fact, ramps up during times of crisis. 

As Statista reported in March 2020, many food and beverage products saw significant sales growth. For example, the sales growth of oat milk increased by 347.3%, fresh meat alternative sales grew by 206.4%, and sales of powdered milk products grew by 126.3% in year over year sales.

So the demand for food and beverage products has risen higher than ever. How can food and beverage manufacturers stay on top of that demand?

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Performance Improvement

Food and beverage manufacturers can ensure productivity that will allow them to meet the high demands that are placed on them with better maintenance execution and reliability, shop floor excellence, operationalized culture, and empowered front-line leaders. And POWERS can help.

POWERS is trusted in the field of food and beverage performance optimization. We get results, whether you are producing frozen pizza, chicken breasts, root beer, or chocolate chip cookies. POWERS isn’t your average food manufacturing consultant; we roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with your staff to improve performance.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term solution with our powered performance program or a more immediate solution with our PowerUp programs, we can help. We breathe, eat, and sleep business performance improvement.

We will implement preventive maintenance changes, work side by side to develop the right systems and processes to build confidence in your front-line leaders, streamline shop floor processes, and help you align your organizational culture with the values and performance management style you desire.

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Food & Beverage Industry Case Studies

POWERS has a proven track record of saving major food producers millions of dollars by improving their maintenance effectiveness, ensuring shop floor excellence, focusing on front-line leadership, and showing organizations how to operationalize culture. To learn more about our previous successes, have a look at these case studies:

More Food & Beverage Industry Success Stories

POWERS helps a global leader in the food industry achieve 92% uptime and facilitates 9% throughput, 14% on-time delivery, and 50% schedule variance improvements.

POWERS facilitates game-changing uptime, throughput, and on-time delivery improvements for global food industry leader

Premier Midwest meat processor tasks POWERS with beefing up its workforce through cultural and operational optimization

Powers leads 26% capacity utilization turnaround at partner’s newly acquired plant-based meat processing site

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