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Optimized Start-Up Program

“We need to respond quickly to the challenges brought on by the pandemic and be prepared to normalize production when the threat is over.”

Business challenge

The recent Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has generated a set of new challenges for manufacturing facilities. Demand for durable goods is slowing even as the production line keeps moving. Disruptions to the global supply chain are restricting the availability of critical parts and materials. “Social Distancing,” “Stay at Home,” and “Shelter in Place” orders, coupled with outbreaks at plants, are slowing the assembly line and shutting down entire manufacturing facilities across geographical regions. Mission-critical industries presently in operation are facing a temporary “new normal” of adjustments on the manufacturing line, expanded production operations, immediate commissioning of new facilities, repurposing of existing plants, or significantly reducing production output and bogging down manufacturing operations. If these disruptions were not enough, returning to full production as the virus pandemic subsides will present an equally daunting set of challenges as latent demand must be filled; with plants needing to restore to full efficiency as fast as possible.

The POWERS solution

The POWERS company has implemented the Optimized Start-Up Program; a low-cost, high-value solution that enables your organization to deploy a small crew of industry trained experts and front-line leadership strategists who go beyond what your usual advisor or consultant might offer to assist your team with an efficient and effective startup of new or existing production operations within your facility or factory. Our team will apply a three-pronged approach to facilitating your Optimized Start-Up: addressing your short-term Manufacturing Processes, Maintenance/Equipment Reliability, and Workforce Productivity. The Optimized Start-Up Program will deliver services including productivity and capacity optimization with real-time strategic planning, guidance, and production process enhancements, including a focus on labor planning and scheduling, resource utilization, and front-line leadership engagement.

What can you expect from the Optimized Start-Up Program?

Manufacturing processes:

  • Product and Material Workflow Schematic
  • New Product Integration
  • Manufacturing Plant Startup Strategy
  • Expert Production Schedule Review, Planning, and Communication
  • Master Labor Planning: Crewing Guidelines and Line Balancing
  • Capacity Utilization Strategies
  • Critical Lost-Time and Waste Identification and Elimination

Maintenance/equipment reliability :

  • Daily Preventative Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
  • Equipment Pre-Check and Inspection Processes
  • New Equipment Installation Planning
  • Equipment Start-Up Preparation and Execution Procedures
  • Start-Up Downtime Tracking & Root-Cause-Analysis

Workforce productivity:

  • Supervisor/Lead Development Focus: Short-Interval Follow-Up, Reporting, Problem/Barrier Identification, Root Cause Analysis, Action Planning, Active Management Behaviors, and Ownership & Accountability
  • Start-Up Efficiency and Barrier Removal Best-Practices
  • Start-Up and First-Hour Productivity Standards
  • Hourly Performance Awareness and Response Mechanisms
  • Fast-Track Programs: New-Hire On-Boarding; On-The-Job Training

Standard resources and duration:

  • Duration: 6 to 8 Weeks
  • Onsite: 3 to 4 Production Efficiency Experts
  • Offsite: Dedicated Strategic Liaison

NOTE: Expanded resources and duration of the Optimized Start-Up Program may be negotiated as recommend or requested.

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