Productivity Sprint Program

"The spread of coronavirus has created uncertain times yet placed an unprecedented strain on getting food and consumer goods to market. We need to increase our productivity right now."

coronavirus has put an unprecendented strain on U.S. food, beverage, and consumable CPG manufacturing.

It’s all over the news, and you are faced with it every day you walk into the plant. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has generated a set of new challenges for manufacturing facilities in the United States. Demand for critical food, health, safety, and personal care products is accelerating. The need for additional requirements for physical distancing, deep cleaning of facilities and equipment, and rotating shifts or time gaps between shifts results in fewer hours available for production. Current or potential absenteeism adds to the pressure to produce more with fewer resources in fewer hours.

the powers solution

To answer the call for a real-time, high-impact performance-boosting initiative, POWERS has implemented the Productivity Sprint Program. This new program is a low-cost, high-value solution to increase your firm's capacity and productivity immediately, so you can keep up with skyrocketing demand and meet the needs of American consumers during this public health emergency.

Through the Productivity Sprint, POWERS will deploy a small team of industry-trained experts and front-line leadership strategists to address your productivity and capacity constraints. Highly-trained boots on the ground right now. Your team will get real-time strategic planning, guidance, and production process enhancements, with a focus on crisis management, risk mitigation, labor planning, capacity utilization, and leadership engagement. Our team will make a positive impact on your firm's productivity the moment we hit the floor.


The Productivity Sprint Program includes:

  • A focus on front-line leadership in the heart of your operations
  • Optimization of your start-up and first-hour productivity
  • Implementation of hourly performance awareness and response mechanisms
  • Elimination of critical lost-time and waste contributors
  • Empowerment of your front-line leaders and employees to produce at full capacity
  • Reinforcement of production-floor supervision and oversight
  • Immediate and measurable results

Standard Resources and Duration:

  • Typical Duration: 6 to 8 Weeks
  • Onsite: 2 to 3 Production Efficiency Experts
  • Offsite: Dedicated Strategic Liaison

Your Health, Safety, and Workforce Policies:

  • Our team will comply with all health, safety, and cleaning protocols
  • Our team will not travel back and forth.
  • Our team will follow all policies for employees coming in and out, new employees, or temporary employees

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