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Our team has decades of deep-level manufacturing, operations, management, finance, supply chain, facilities, logistics, infrastructure, and human resources experience. We have the expertise to make targeted productivity improvements sustainable, delivering immediate and long-term value.

We’ve performed successfully for global leaders across many industries from Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Medical Devices,  Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Metals & Mining, and many more. Our clients typically realize a substantial increase in value and return on investment (ROI) with our firm.

Please read through our case studies and success stories to learn more about what we’ve achieved for businesses across the U.S. in Operational Excellence and Culture Performance Management. 

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Copy of POWERS Rail Freight Transportation News Release 07 19 2023 Case Studies and Client Success Stories

Heroic Individual Efforts to Team Excellence: Transforming Maintenance Culture for Enhanced Productivity

Project Overview Performance Results Our Story Begins One of the largest food processors in the United States, a company that has not only grown remarkably but also achieved significant success over its storied history, faced a major challenge: maximizing operational capacity while struggling with excessive, unpredictable equipment downtime. Their previous attempts to address this drag on productivity involved focusing on increasing the technical skills of their internal maintenance team and hiring experienced ‘outside contractor’ technicians when deemed necessary. This strategy ultimately proved ineffective. The internal maintenance team did, however, possess highly valuable pockets of tribal knowledge of critical machines but

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