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At POWERS, we help manufacturers plan and implement measurable and sustainable performance improvements in critical areas of the organization’s value chain, from inputs to outputs, to create and sustain competitive advantage.

Our unique Culture Performance Management™ methodology aligns your leadership, workforce, and performance outcomes to your company culture to transform productivity in critical areas such as capacity, yield, throughput, uptime, cost management, and margin.

Our proven methods in management consulting can return millions to your bottom line. And through our hands-on, onsite training and coaching techniques, your team will reach and sustain these critical performance improvements in months, not years.

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Understanding the Result of Your Company Culture: Proactive vs Reactive

Understanding the Result of Your Company Culture: Proactive vs Reactive

The Conclusion: Managing and Measuring Company Culture Never Stops. Measuring cultural performance outcomes and the impact that these outcomes have on your business requires a correlation to specific performance indicators. When measuring results of your cultural performance, consider the tangible and intangible variables influenced by your leader’s behaviors and interactions, including productivity, employee or customer retention, sales acquisitions, safety incidences, employee engagement scores, and more.  Actively managing and measuring the results of your company culture is not a one-time initiative. It is an ongoing journey and needs steering at the required points of inflection. These points of inflection are best

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