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Private Equity Firms

“We need an implementation-focused consulting firm to work with our portfolio companies’ local leadership teams to increase EBITDA, cash flow, and growth rapidly.”

Trusted by more global market leaders to deliver peak operational performance

Driving Performance to Deliver Sustained ROI for Your Investors

We are implementation experts. Our experienced team turns insight and strategy into real action and results. We understand the challenges portfolio companies face, more specifically, the need to deliver measurable performance improvements, fast. Private Equity firms turn to POWERS for two reasons:

  1. Additional resources, and
  2. Speed to accelerate critical improvements in months, not years for time-to-value creation.

At POWERS, our tried and true methods will purposefully align your organizational culture with the skills and behaviors that lead directly to higher productivity and efficiency, performance improvement, and a healthier profit margin.
What Makes Powers Uniquely Qualified To Drive Organizational Performance?

Comprehensive and deeply-rooted understanding of operational frameworks


Past decade we have worked with PE firms throughout their portfolio companies


Specialists focused on portfolio optimization driving measurable value across procurement, operations, and logistics

We call it the POWERS PRIVATE EQUITY PLAYBOOK. Talk to one of our Private Equity expert consultants and learn how the dedicated Private Equity team at POWERS can help your firm drive sustained value for your portfolio.

What Does Our Unique And Proven Approach To Driving Performance Look Like?

Spanning multiple industries, our operations experts conduct an intensive analysis of the portfolio company’s operational performance producing detailed benefit quantification. Then, our productivity experts work with your team on an implementation roadmap tailored to the portfolio’s need to drive EBITDA improvement.

Here’s More Step-by-Step detail on the POWERS Private Equity Playbook

Identify and accelerate performance improvements to ultimately increase EBITDA and valuation


Produce qualitative and quantitative analyses that drive operational improvements, from 100-day plans to multi-year strategic, operational road-maps


Enhance enterprise value, expand margins, improve capital efficiency, reduce working capital, optimize supply chains, and prepare companies for sale


Provide in-house teams with additional horsepower: we work shoulder to shoulder with the portfolio company’s local leadership teams


Support investors and advisers with operational due diligence, merger integration planning, acquisition integration, and post-close operational roadmaps on both the buy-side and the sell-side

Analysis To Implementation: An Even Closer Look At The Pe Lifecycle

POWERS’ sweeping industry experience, worldwide reach, and trusted track-record have established us as the go-to team for clients who need to understand the potential for operational improvement and cash flow maximization.

  • Identify and quantify potential savings
  • Unearth and polish opportunities for performance improvement
  • Create and implement 100-day plans, getting results in months, not years 
  • Reduce acquisition and investment risk
  • Increase competitive bidding and improve win rates
  • Accelerate internal improvement initiatives 
  • Implement sustainable change with the local leadership team
  • Present a clear path to realizing EBITDA, cash flow, and growth opportunities
  • Increase portfolio valuation
  • Drive potential for guaranteed annual savings and returns
  • Maximize company valuation
  • Show sustainable savings  
  • Accelerate time to value creation

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