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America’s Most Loved Brewery Taps POWERS for Cultural and Operational Performance Improvement

GAINESVILLE, GA, Tuesday, November 10 – America’s favorite brewery and beer company is partnering with POWERS to use their proprietary process for upgrading and implementing the right front-line leadership behaviors that optimize their cultural performance and implement their corporate values.

“Cultural performance implementation leading to optimized operational performance is the new requirement in America’s businesses.  Companies now must invest in developing their leaders in acquiring the skills and behaviors that demonstrate their company values, while simultaneously optimizing operational performance,” says POWERS CEO Sean Hart.

Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, Vice President of Organizational Leadership & Culture adds, “Real employee trust, respect, engagement, equity, and inclusion are a result of the right management behaviors being displayed at the right time, in the right way.  These right leadership skills and behaviors are vastly underdeveloped in most leaders when you compare them to the new skills required to effectively manage in today’s marketplace.  Leaders are waking up to the fact that they must proactively design, implement, manage and improve their organizational culture with the same seriousness they apply to their operational and financial performance.”

POWERS is a management consulting firm specializing in operationalizing workplace culture to achieve immediate and sustainable performance improvements. With a tailored approach to each organization, POWERS aims to optimize every step of the value chain, from inputs to outputs, for sustained competitive advantage. By implementing the right systems and processes while aligning your front-line leaders and organizational culture with performance outcomes, POWERS helps businesses achieve sustainable performance increases and significant ROI.

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