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Building Excellence Together: POWERS Partners with Leading Construction Innovator

POWERS Industrial Packaging Client Release 11 17 2023 1 Building Excellence Together: POWERS Partners with Leading Construction Innovator

ATLANTA, GA – February 7, 2024 – POWERS, a leading manufacturing productivity consulting firm known for enhancing the systems, processes, and behaviors within large-scale manufacturing and industrial operations, is excited to announce a new partnership with a forefront innovator in the construction industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as POWERS extends its expertise to reshape operational excellence and leadership within the sector.

The new client, a distinguished name in construction solutions, has engaged POWERS to implement a new Management Operating System (MOS) alongside developing and executing a comprehensive frontline leadership development program. This initiative is set to elevate the client’s operational efficiency, project execution, and workforce empowerment to new heights.

Sean Hart, CEO of POWERS, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating,

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with a leader in the construction industry. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Implementing our Management Operating System (MOS) and developing a robust frontline leadership program are pivotal steps towards enhancing their operational capabilities and setting new benchmarks in the industry."

Hart further added, "This partnership is not just about refining processes; it's about building a culture of continuous improvement and leadership at all levels. We look forward to the transformative impact our work will have on their operations and the construction industry at large."

The construction industry, known for its dynamic challenges and complex project management needs, stands to benefit significantly from POWERS’ proven methodologies and insights. The firm’s approach to improving operational systems and fostering leadership skills is expected to drive significant improvements in project delivery, cost efficiency, and overall organizational agility for the client.

POWERS’ expansion into the construction sector underlines its versatility and commitment to enhancing industry standards across various sectors.

This partnership clearly indicates POWERS’ dedication to delivering substantial value and driving innovation within the industries it serves.

POWERS is a leading manufacturing productivity consulting firm whose unique approach focuses on optimizing the systems and processes that drive manufacturing productivity and developing the leadership skills and behaviors that genuinely transform performance.

POWERS’ long-standing experience helps organizations create a leadership culture of innovation, growth, and performance that is both sustainable and scalable.

POWERS has helped global leaders across many industries achieve rapid and long-term performance improvement, greater OEE, lower costs, ROI, competitive advantage, and greater value to their stakeholders.

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About the Author

Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, MSM, Culture Performance Management Advisor
Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, MSM

Chief Culture Officer

Dr. Donte Vaughn is CEO of CultureWorx and Culture Performance Management Advisor to POWERS.

Randall Powers, Founder, Managing Partner
Randall Powers

Managing Partner

Randall Powers concentrates on Operational and Financial Due Diligence, Strategic Development,, and Business Development.