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POWERS Announces Partnership in the Consumer Snack Sector to ‘Bake In’ Productivity Improvements

Cookies and snack new post POWERS Announces Partnership in the Consumer Snack Sector to 'Bake In' Productivity Improvements

Atlanta, GA, November 3, 2023 - POWERS, leading experts in elevating manufacturing productivity, today announces a flavorful new partnership with a leading company in the consumer baked packaged foods sector, specifically famed for their delectable range of cookies and snacks that have been a staple in American pantries.

This new client engagement will focus on engaging and developing frontline leadership and refining maintenance management operating systems to enhance productivity, ensuring that every delectable treat has the perfect efficiency and profitability baked right in.

The client, a beloved household name for cookie connoisseurs, has built its reputation on providing the perfect snack-time companions. Their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of taste and quality has made them an indispensable part of the snack food industry.

"Snacking habits have evolved, but the love for cookies remains a consumer constant. We're thrilled to bring our expertise to a sector synonymous with customer joy and satisfaction," said Sean Hart, CEO of POWERS."

Just as the right ingredients are crucial for the perfect batch of cookies, the right leadership is essential for the best productivity outcomes. We're here to ensure that our new partner's operations are as efficient and enjoyable as their products."

By tapping into POWERS’ proven methodologies, the client aims to enhance the skill set of their team leaders, ensuring that their operations are as smooth and irresistible as their snacks. The collaboration is set to refine maintenance processes that touch every aspect of the cookie and snack production line, from dough to doorstep.

Hart expressed his enthusiasm, saying,

"Imagine a cookie that's baked to golden perfection - that's what we aim for in operational terms. Our partnership is the special ingredient needed to raise the bar in productivity, reducing unplanned downtime or mechanical failure to increase throughput—ensuring that every bite—or in our world, every minute—counts."

In his closing statement, Hart added, "We are setting the stage for a new era of manufacturing excellence in the snack food industry. Together with our new partner, we're crafting a recipe for success that will lead to tastier outcomes for their business and consumers alike."

POWERS Manufacturing Productivity Experts is at the forefront of driving transformation in manufacturing operations. Their client-centric approach ensures customized solutions that resonate with the needs and aspirations of their partners. With a reputation for creating cultures of continuous improvement, POWERS is adept at baking in the best practices that lead to sustainable growth and market leadership.

This partnership is set to be another testimony of POWERS’ commitment to cultivating productivity and performance that not only meets but exceeds market appetites.

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