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Department of Defense Electronics Supplier Partners with POWERS to Accelerate Operational Improvements and Optimize Cultural Performance


One of the most respected companies supplying our Department of Defense is partnering with POWERS to upgrade its operating platform, increasing speed of delivery, quality, and productivity.  Most importantly, we will be upgrading the management skills and behaviors implementation and optimizing their cultural performance requirements.

POWERS CEO Sean Hart adds, “We are excited about the challenge to optimize both manufacturing and cultural performance simultaneously.  Our client understands that the right management system is only the one that achieves maximum operational performance built on the foundation of the right cultural values and behaviors.”

POWERS COO Craig Wall shares, “We are hearing from most companies that Cultural Performance Improvement is now #1 on their list of management development opportunities.  We have developed a very unique and effective methodology that brings cultural integrity to organizations.  In other words, we can facilitate our partners through the process of implementing the company values from top floor to shop floor.  We bring their culture to life.  This results in optimization of employee engagement, respect, and trust.”

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