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How to Revive Your Company’s Culture for Good

Culture for Good post How to Revive Your Company’s Culture for Good

Many of the most engaged business leaders are beginning to acknowledge an elephant in the room: their company culture is dead or on life support. While you may have company values that exist in theory, your company culture may not reflect the leadership behaviors and interactions that represent these values. If you need to revive your company’s culture, it’s time you learned about Cultural CPR.

In a new eBook: Breathing Life into Your Company Culture, we dive into Cultural “CPR,” which stands for Consciousness, Practice, and Results. We break down each of these steps and dissect the hard truths of creating cultural consciousness, sustaining it through daily practices, and measuring and managing the results. So what does this all mean? Here’s a quick look into this resuscitation process for businesses. 

  • Cultural consciousness means everyone in your organization understands how your company values and beliefs impact their own work experience. They become accountable for the behaviors and interactions that embody a stronger company culture. Creating cultural consciousness means your company values, belief statements, and standards of behavior are documented and shared by all. Take this 10-question assessment to determine your company’s level of cultural consciousness.
  • Practicing the behaviors that comprise your desired company culture is the responsibility of your leadership team. They are the ones who set the standard for what is considered acceptable behavior. Practicing company culture requires daily education, observation, and rehearsal to improve how individuals interact with one another when performing throughout the day.
  • Results are achieved by measuring how your leaders engage with employees within the organization and the specific impact they have on your business. You can measure the results of your cultural practices by quantifying the frequency of quality interactions between leaders and employees, as well as quality of leadership decision-making and front-line productivity.

These steps are actionable, repeatable, and proven, but that doesn’t mean the process is easy. Reviving your organizational culture and applying Cultural CPR can be challenging. It’s important to stay committed in your approach and to defend your company culture at all costs. For the full breakdown of Cultural CPR and how to use it to revive your company’s culture, download the complete eBook now!

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