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Major wind tower company partners with POWERS to meet future infrastructure and ESG demand

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GAINESVILLE, GA, Tuesday, April 6, 2021 – POWERS has been selected to implement our innovative Performance plus Cultural Optimization process to accelerate the production requirements to meet the rapid demand for clean energy wind power production in the United States. 

Our new client is a leading manufacturer of structural wind towers in North America. Since 2000, this leading-edge company has partnered with energy-sector leaders to advance America’s wind energy infrastructure, focusing on manufacturing excellence and providing superior value to their customers. Since its inception, our client’s wind tower division has leveraged its unique knowledge in the fabrication of tubular steel structures to set industry-wide standards in the areas of safety, quality, delivery, and cost.

Sean Hart, CEO with POWERS, “How exciting is it to actively participate in the clean energy transformation needed here in America? Our new client seeks to meet the demand for this transformation while simultaneously implementing a strong leadership culture linked and aligned with ESG requirements. Having both will solidify them as the leader in this industry and the employer of choice. We will help power their performance so they can power your performance.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, POWERS is a management consulting firm whose unique approach aligns company culture to optimize business performance. POWERS has helped global leaders across many market sectors to operationalize their culture. Learn more here. 

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