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Market innovator on a mission to reimagine warehouse and supply chain using robotics and automation names POWERS to help lead the way

Market innovator on a mission to reimagine warehouse and supply chain using robotics and automation names POWERS to help lead the way

Atlanta, GA, Tuesday, February 08, 2022 – POWERS has been named to facilitate the cultural and Management Operating System (MOS) design for an industry innovator on a mission to use robotics and automation to reinvent the warehouse and reimagine the supply chain for the largest companies in the world.

It takes a genuinely creative market innovator to reimagine the traditional warehouse and supply chain and revamp perceived norms. To help make their vision a reality, our client selected POWERS to build a culture focused on agility. They strive to create a company culture with the excitement, energy, and ambition of a startup, combined with the benefits of a proven company and an industry leader.

Our new client is responsible for getting food and merchandise to thousands of store shelves across North America. And they are seeking to handle surging demand stemming from partnerships with the largest companies in the world. As an organization, they are committed to helping ensure everyone across all communities has access to the food and merchandise they need.

Our new client seeks to implement the right management operating system in conjunction with the right culture and leadership skills that optimize performance and market agility.  

Chris Gregory, POWERS Chief Operating Officer, says of the new partnership, “We are really excited about entering a high-tech environment and helping our client mature their manufacturing capabilities through the customization of a new management operating system and culture performance management.” 

Gregory continues, “Our objective is to facilitate these performance improvements by connecting their company culture to measurable and sustainable performance improvements to meet increasing market demand.”

POWERS is a management consulting firm whose unique Culture Performance Management methodology aligns company culture to optimized business performance outcomes. POWERS has helped global leaders across many market sectors to operationalize their culture for rapid and sustained performance improvement, ROI, competitive advantage, and greater value.      

Learn more about how we optimize workplace culture to achieve operational performance improvement by visiting us online. To schedule an initial discovery and analysis with our dedicated management consulting team, call us at +1 678-971-4711, or email us at info@thepowerscompany.com  

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