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Unlocking Peak Performance: Safety Products Leader Taps POWERS for Productivity Sprint

POWERS Industrial Safety Client Release2 Unlocking Peak Performance: Safety Products Leader Taps POWERS for Productivity Sprint

Atlanta, GA, February 23, 2024 – POWERS, a leading provider of transformative manufacturing productivity solutions, today announced a new partnership with a leading manufacturer of industrial safety products intent on optimizing their Management Operating System (MOS) and engaging and empowering their frontline leaders for higher performance.

This industry, stalwart, founded over a century ago, has a stellar reputation for quality and safety in the industrial safety products sector. With worker and workplace safety as its core mission, this consistent innovator designs and manufactures products that meet the highest safety standards and customer satisfaction.

To continue its commitment to innovation and leadership, this industry giant sought POWERS ‘ expertise in driving sustainable performance improvements, recognizing the need to further enhance operational efficiency and employee engagement.

The engagement will focus on a comprehensive Productivity Sprint, a proven POWERS methodology designed to quickly identify and address critical performance gaps. The sprint will delve into the client’s MOS, ensuring it is aligned with strategic goals and effectively translated into actionable steps at all levels.

Additionally, POWERS will equip frontline leaders with the skills and resources necessary to manage their teams effectively and drive continuous improvement within their areas of responsibility.

"We are eager to partner with this new partner on this transformative journey," said Sean Hart, CEO of POWERS. "Their commitment to safety and operational excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to empower manufacturers to achieve peak performance.”

Hart continues, “By optimizing their MOS and developing their frontline leadership, we are confident our new partner will unlock significant levels of productivity and frontline leadership engagement and performance."

Key elements of the engagement will include:


POWERS is a leading provider of manufacturing productivity solutions, helping companies achieve operational excellence through a unique blend of expertise, technology, and data-driven insights.

With a proven track record of success across diverse industries, POWERS helps manufacturers unlock significant improvements in productivity, performance, and people that directly improve the bottom line.

For more information or to engage with our seasoned experts, please get in touch with us at +1 678-971-4711 or reach out via email at info@thepowerscompany.com.

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Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, MSM, Culture Performance Management Advisor
Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, MSM

Chief Culture Officer

Dr. Donte Vaughn is CEO of CultureWorx and Culture Performance Management Advisor to POWERS.

Randall Powers, Founder, Managing Partner
Randall Powers

Managing Partner

Randall Powers concentrates on Operational and Financial Due Diligence, Strategic Development,, and Business Development.