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POWERS adds another client seeking frontline leadership development that optimizes culture and operational performance while reducing turnover

Optimize culture and operational performance while reducing turnover

Atlanta, GA, September 2, 2021 –  A Kentucky-based food company has chosen POWERS to facilitate its management team through the process of developing and implementing the right leadership knowledge and skills that optimize both workforce engagement and capacity utilization.  

This new client has over a 100-year history and is a key leader in their community, so having a stellar culture is crucial, especially for employee attraction and retention.

Sean Hart, Powers’ CEO, adds, “Our new Partnership is with a Mitsubishi subsidiary we have worked with in the past to create significant financial and operational value. This business is a new acquisition for them and needs to be optimized both culturally and operationally to be integrated quickly and seamlessly. Our ability to add dedicated resources and speed to execute their vision will create substantial value.”

POWERS is a management consulting firm whose unique approach aligns company culture to optimized business performance outcomes. POWERS has helped global leaders across many market sectors to operationalize their culture for rapid and sustained performance improvement, ROI, competitive advantage, and greater value. Learn more about our operational and cultural optimization methodology here. To schedule an initial discovery and analysis with our dedicated management consulting team, visit us at www.thepowerscompany.com, call us at +1 678-971-4711, or email us at info@thepowerscomany.com.

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