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At POWERS, we help manufacturers plan and implement measurable and sustainable manufacturing performance improvement in critical areas of the organization's value chain, from inputs to outputs. Our unique method of management consulting aligns your leadership, workforce, and company culture to achieve higher performance in vital areas such as capacity, uptime, and throughput. Our proven methods in manufacturing operations consulting can return millions to your bottom line. And through our hands-on, onsite training and coaching techniques, your team will reach and sustain these critical productivity improvements in months, not years.

Our unique approach transforms productivity in key manufacturing performance metrics:




Cost Management

Time to Market


Our method is different

We are not typical management consultants or manufacturing operations advisors. We are a team of highly-experienced, boots-on-the-ground analysts, facilitators, and implementers. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with your front-line managers and supervisors, in your facilities, out on your factory floor, and within your company culture. We help develop your managers and supervisors and improve your business processes to achieve years of critical productivity gains in a matter of months. These team "wins" translate directly to improving your bottom line.

We have deep-level manufacturing operations, finance, supply chain, facilities, logistics, infrastructure, and human resources experience to make targeted productivity improvements sustainable, delivering long-term value. As a result, our clients typically realize a substantial return on their investment with our firm.

Our focus is on:

Front-Line Leadership Development

We work side-by-side with your front-line managers and supervisors to uncover any challenges and put the right skills and behaviors in place to transform performance. And our leadership training provides the tools and techniques to make these performance improvements trainable and sustainable.

Shop Floor Excellence Programs

Our proven method of best practices ensures the highest degree of shop floor excellence in your manufacturing facility. We look at everything from what you measure, how you measure it, to overall quality, communication, cost, and control mechanisms to optimize your processes, and improve your performance.

Maintenance Performance Effectiveness

We analyze your current plant maintenance processes to develop an optimization plan to improve team productivity, reduce downtime, manage overall cost, and then implement it to meet the needs of your facilities increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


Our unique approach to management consulting provides the leadership and continuous improvement training necessary to align your operational performance with your corporate culture and values.

Let's tackle the critical performance improvements that would transform your business in months, not years. Schedule an initial analysis with one of our manufacturing performance improvement experts today by calling 678-971-4711 or by clicking on the link below.

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list front-line leadership training as a key to reducing costs and improving margin.

78% of top manufacturing executives list front-line leadership training as a key to reducing costs and improving margin.

Front-line managers make up roughly 60% of a company’s management ranks (Harvard Business Review).

Front-line managers and supervisors are the glue that holds a business together and can make or break key manufacturing metrics such as capacity, throughput, uptime, and margin. They are responsible for many of the day-to-day operations and impact the health of your business and its culture. Unfortunately, they are typically also the team members with the least amount of managerial experience and leadership training.

When training these front-line supervisors and managers to be more effective leaders and improve teamwork, companies face many challenges. A recent survey from Woohoo Inc. showed that the number one reason employees have a “bad day at work” is due to a lack of help and support from their manager. POWERS has the expertise to train your front-line personnel into the leaders you need to drive productivity and transform performance.


Nearly are set to retire over the next ten years, taking their specialized skills and institutional knowledge with them.

Nearly 27% of manufacturing workers are set to retire over the next ten years, taking their specialized skills and institutional knowledge with them.

The majority of manufacturing companies run at 60 - 80% efficiency (Rhythm Systems). Therefore, focusing on shop floor excellence best practices can be genuinely transformative for driving manufacturing performance improvement and achieving full capacity. But implementing effective training programs can be challenging.

To significantly impact manufacturing shop floor excellence, everyone in the organization must be pulling in the same direction. This incremental process improvement begins with team leadership. The site leader must be dedicated to a compelling vision for organizational excellence and be able to communicate it persistently and consistently at all levels. POWERS can help your team get there and stay there with the right plan and the right training.


Downtime costs most factories somewhere between of their production capacity.

Downtime costs most factories somewhere between 5% and 20% of their production capacity.

Unplanned manufacturing downtime can cost your business millions every year. Your maintenance team’s primary job is to maximize uptime, ensuring you’re operating at or near full capacity and product is flowing to your customers. If your maintenance team’s performance is a drag on production, in areas like predictive and preventive practices, staffing, planning, parts inventory, and scheduling, your overall capacity, not to mention your bottom line, will suffer.

There are many maintenance philosophies, ranging from a mentality of “run until it breaks” to constant monitoring and repair of equipment. Regular, planned maintenance is essential in preventing the failure of critical equipment, which can significantly affect productivity. In most manufacturing facilities, predictive and preventive maintenance programs ensure the best performance. The experts at POWERS can help you develop and implement a best-practices and continuous improvement plan to maximize your maintenance program’s effectiveness.


Employees’ overall ratings of their company’s qualities, like collaboration, work environment, and mission and value alignment, are at companies with strong cultures.

Employees’ overall ratings of their company’s qualities, like collaboration, work environment, and mission and value alignment, are 20% higher at companies with strong cultures.

Company culture is essentially the personality of a company. It’s how employees behave in the company and how the organization delivers a sustainable competitive advantage. Organizational culture consists of company values, vision, beliefs, and habits. The most important part of any company is the people. So when work culture isn’t engaging your workforce, individual productivity, and overall performance suffer.

According to Forbes, culture has to do with “Company vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits.” Company culture is something that exists in your company’s DNA. It’s not something that employees bring with them. Our aim at POWERS is to train your entire organization on the behaviors that not only exemplify your company culture but deliver maximum performance. We call it "Operationalizing Your Culture."


Powers Leads 26% Capacity Utilization Turnaround at Partner’s Newly Acquired Plant-Based Meat Processing Site

Project Overview Recently, a disruptor and innovator in plant-based meat products for the retail and foodservice sectors partnered with POWERS to turn around flagging capacity utilization at a newly acquired site. They aimed to transition the leadership team, labor force, systems, and processes to their own methods and drastically improve the site’s production, which stood…


Powers Partners with World-Class Meat Processor For Huge Performance Gains: Productivity Up 47%, Yield Up .41%!

POWERS partnered with a world-class, 7th generation family-owned and operated meat processing company that uses only real, natural ingredients, original recipes, and time-honored traditions to create distinctive and timeless products. Unable to meet historical demand levels, they looked for a drastic increase in throughput.

They had extended their lead times to receive raw material and to fill customer orders. They also reduced their product offerings to assist throughput and efficiencies yet still worked 24/7 to meet demand. This schedule pressure created high employee burnout, absenteeism, and turnover, leaving them short-staffed in critical production and maintenance positions.


POWERS Adds $1.2 Million to Wind Tower Manufacturer’s Bottom Line, Slashing Overtime by 50% While Improving Productivity and Efficiency.

POWERS partnered with an industry-leading wind tower manufacturer to identify and quantify opportunities to improve the systems, processes, and leadership behaviors aligned with their previously established cultural values.


Powers Boosts On-Time Performance by a Staggering 59% For Defense Industry Make-To-Order Manufacturer

Powers Boosts On-Time Performance by a Staggering 59% For Defense Industry Make-To-Order Manufacturer.


POWERS Crushes Promised Annualized Savings Rate of $7.5M for Pet Food Partner Fetching $13.8M Only 23 Weeks into the Project

The challenge: A leading pet treats manufacturer with first-pass quality and overall capacity performance issues unable to keep up with market demand resulting in backlogs. The result: POWERS improved processing capacity by 52%, final-pass quality by 19%, packaging capacity by 68%, and reduced packaging waste by 68% while crushing the estimated annualized savings rate.


POWERS Removes Performance Bottlenecks from Major Beverage Manufacturer Facing Unprecedented Demand

POWERS Leads Operations, Maintenance, Planning, and Inventory Control Turnaround at Major Beverage Industry Manufacturer Project Overview POWERS partnered with a major 3rd-party beverage manufacturer facing significant hurdles in meeting a 31% increase in demand forecast for 2021. Operators of two bottling and canning plants, our new client/partner faced a sharp decrease in capacity utilization of…



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