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POWERS announces exclusive strategic partnership with CultureWorx Culture Performance Management System®

Annoucing strategic alliance with CultureWorx

POWERS will now offer its Partners exclusive access to the CultureWorx platform as an integral part of its unique “company culture focused” approach to business performance improvement

ATLANTA, GA, Wednesday, August 26, 2021 – POWERS Management Consulting is very excited to announce an exclusive strategic partnership with the innovative new Culture Performance Management System®, CultureWorx. 

POWERS will now offer its clients exclusive access to the CultureWorx platform as an integral part of its unique “company culture focused” approach to business performance improvement. 

Sean Hart, CEO at POWERS, elaborates on the news, “We’re ecstatic about our exclusive partnership with CultureWorx and the launch of the Culture Performance Management System®. For the first time, organizations will be able to tie their leadership culture to operational performance, then track, measure, improve, and report on the outcomes in real-time for immediate and sustained improvement. Nothing like this exists right now.” 

Hart goes on to add, “ESG is a hot global topic in business, and company culture is under the microscope, part of the social component of ESG. As a result, your organization’s culture will not only impact your ability to attract and retain top talent but will also potentially affect your business’ access to capital. But how will culture be measured and reported? 

Hart continues, “CultureWorx first makes your company culture transparent and tangible, offering insights and metrics not seen before by leadership so that you can target specific areas for improvement. It goes well beyond employee engagement.” 

Dr. Donte Vaughn is Chief Culture Officer and Managing Partner at CultureWorx. Dr. Vaughn adds these insights, “Our partnership with POWERS puts a potent and first-of-its-kind tool in the hands of global business leaders to optimize company culture and connect it to specific and trainable leadership skills and behaviors.” 

Dr. Vaughn continues, “Our Culture Performance Management System fits hand in glove with POWERS approach. Once the POWERS team aligns company culture for breakthrough performance in vital areas of the business such as capacity, throughput, and more, CultureWorx is the way those culture realignments can be tracked, measured, reported on, and retained for sustaining those improvements over the long haul.” 

Dr. Vaughn adds, “The beauty of CultureWorx is that the data surrounding your company culture is tracked, measured, and reported in real-time, accessible on any device. So if you want to know how your culture is performing and driving better operational performance, simply open the app. This level of visibility into company culture performance has never existed before now. CultureWorx is one of those rare pieces of technology that turns data into information you can act on to improve your business right now.”

As part of the launch of CultureWorx and to announce the strategic partnership with POWERS Management Consulting, both firms will be showcasing the Culture Performance Management System® and exclusive partnership at the upcoming Petfood Forum 2021, Sept. 22nd through 24th, at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City MO, booth #442. 

In addition, our own Dr. Donte Vaughn will be speaking on Culture Performance Management at the Pet Food Forum Tech Talk, Sept. 23, at 11:45 am. The Pet Food Tech Talk Stage showcases suppliers’ and innovators’ latest products and capabilities assisting pet food companies worldwide. 

POWERS Management Consulting (www.thepowerscompany.com) was founded in 2004 in Gainesville, Georgia, by Randall Powers and other C-level executives with substantial operations, finance, and human resources experience in the manufacturing sector. Their focus is on purposefully aligning an organization’s leadership culture with the skills and behaviors that lead directly to higher productivity, sustainable performance improvement, and a healthier bottom line. 

POWERS‘ unique approach aligns company culture to optimized business performance outcomes in manufacturing. POWERS has helped global leaders across many market sectors to operationalize their culture for rapid and sustained performance improvement, ROI, competitive advantage, and greater value. Learn more here

To schedule an initial discovery and analysis with our dedicated management consulting team at POWERS, visit us at www.thepowerscompany.com, call us at +1 678-971-4711, or email us at info@thepowerscomany.com.

CultureWorx is the first mobile and web-based business Culture Performance Management methodology and supporting software that helps companies meet the challenge of successfully implementing, improving, and sustaining a company culture. CultureWorx connects the dots between your organization’s core values and your team’s leadership behaviors-measuring, managing, and improving the actions that impact the employee experience, leadership decision-making, and business results. To learn more or schedule a demo, watch our YouTube video, or visit CultureWorx at www.getcultureworx.com.

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