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Results are so good! POWERS begins optimization of 2nd location for largest west coast bottler

GAINESVILLE, GA, Monday, December 14, 2020 –  “Success breeds success,” states Powers CEO, Sean Hart. “Our beverage client we started with three months ago has used their increase in capacity utilization and productivity to deliver on greater revenue generation from more sales. The success has come so quickly that we’ve had to pull up the start of the second facility to replicate the same improvements and revenue generation.” 

“The Senior leadership we work with daily have done an exceptional job in implementing a bottom-up approach to cultural and operational excellence,” adds Craig Wall, POWERS COO. “These leaders get it. They are humble servants leading their people through a process of both personal and organizational optimization. They see the value in real cultural performance implementation, and are quickly reaping the positive benefits both in company performance and in employee success and engagement.”

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