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Top 20 Global Dairy Processor Taps POWERS to Optimize Throughput and Meet Skyrocketing Demand

GAINESVILLE, GA, Wednesday, July 8 — A $6B global dairy producer in the milk, cheese, yogurt, and ingredients industry is partnering with POWERS to achieve step-function improvement in throughput to meet the significant increase in demand associated with current disruptive market conditions. 

“We are thrilled to have been selected to facilitate the management team through a rapid process to increase quality and throughput significantly. Our client is looking to capture as much volume and margin improvement in today’s market of record-setting cheese prices,” said POWERS CEO Sean Hart.

POWERS designed the Productivity Sprint program to support manufacturers in responding rapidly and efficiently to spikes in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Disruptions in the current supply chain are creating these important opportunities for companies to step up and supply the market due to big jumps in consumer demand,” said POWERS Chief Operating Officer Craig Wall. “With our Productivity Sprint Program, we expect to quickly deliver between 20-30 percent improvements in sustainable throughput, quality, and productivity in a matter of weeks.”

Learn more about our Productivity Sprint here.

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