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Unwilling to Rest on Past Successes, Leading Home Furnishings Manufacturer Teams With POWERS to Elevate Performance

Home Furnishings Manufacturer post v2 Unwilling to Rest on Past Successes, Leading Home Furnishings Manufacturer Teams With POWERS to Elevate Performance

Atlanta, GA, July 26, 2023 - POWERS, a recognized management consulting leader specializing in rapid and sustainable performance improvement, is pleased to announce its partnership with a prestigious leader in the designer home furnishings industry. With a history dating back to the 1950s, this home furnishings manufacturer has maintained its position as an industry leader, and this collaboration with POWERS aims to elevate its success further.

The POWERS team will work closely with the client’s manufacturing plants across the United States to manage and improve productivity, develop a robust and accountable Management Operating System, and strengthen frontline leadership.

As a prominent name in the designer home furnishings market, this always-progressive company has a long-standing legacy of delivering exceptional products to home furnishings retailers nationwide. 

The organization demonstrates its commitment to industry leadership and a drive for excellence by teaming up with POWERS.

One of the critical areas of focus for POWERS will be managing and improving productivity at the client’s manufacturing plants.

With extensive experience in enhancing operational efficiency, POWERS will thoroughly assess the current processes and identify opportunities for optimization.

Through data-driven analysis and industry-specific expertise, POWERS will implement strategic improvements that enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

Another crucial aspect of the collaboration will involve developing a robust and accountable Management Operating System (MOS). POWERS’ management consulting team will work closely with the client to design and implement an efficient system that streamlines operations and improves decision-making processes. By establishing clear accountability measures and aligning organizational goals, the Management Operating System will enable the client to drive performance excellence at every level of the organization.

Frontline leadership development is another crucial area that POWERS will address in this partnership. Recognizing the importance of strong leadership in driving organizational success, POWERS will work closely with the client’s frontline leaders to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness. The consulting firm will provide tailored training and development programs to empower leaders with the necessary skills and tools to navigate challenges, foster collaboration, and drive a culture of continuous improvement.

Sean Hart, CEO of POWERS, adds,

"We are excited to partner with this esteemed home furnishings manufacturer and contribute to their history of success. Our team will rapidly dig in and find opportunities to improve productivity and optimize performance. At the same time, we'll help them develop and implement a Management Operating System that codifies those improvements, making them sustainable and scalable across their organization." Hart continues, "But a critical part of what we bring to the table is our focus on strengthening frontline leadership. Zeroing in on and improving leadership skills will help their team align perfectly with their commitment to excellence." Hart concludes, "By working together, we aim to unlock their organization's full potential and drive bottom-line results."

The collaboration between POWERS and this leading home furnishings manufacturer exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation, performance excellence, and sustainable growth. By implementing POWERS ‘ proven methodologies and expertise, the client will further solidify its position as a trailblazer in the designer home furnishings market.

POWERS is a leading management consulting firm specializing in rapid, sustainable, and scalable performance improvement in manufacturing environments. POWERS empowers organizations to achieve breakthrough results and elevate their performance to new heights with a dedicated focus on leadership development, system and process optimization, and workplace culture enhancement

With its unique approach, POWERS helps organizations create a culture of growth and performance that is both sustainable and scalable.

Trusted by global leaders across diverse industries, POWERS brings a wealth of experience and expertise to drive transformative change and deliver lasting value.

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