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POWERS Gets Wrapped Up by Packaging Industry Innovator to Elevate Productivity and Efficiency

POWERS Industrial Packaging Client Release 11 17 2023 1 POWERS Gets Wrapped Up by Packaging Industry Innovator to Elevate Productivity and Efficiency

Atlanta, GA – December 8, 2023– POWERS Manufacturing Productivity Experts proudly announce a pivotal partnership with a distinguished innovator in the Wood Packaging Industry. This collaboration aims to transform this new partner's Management Operating Systems (MOS) and Frontline Leadership Development, helping them better address market demands and reinforcing its integral role in global supply chains.

Sean Hart, CEO of POWERS, expressed excitement about joining forces with a company known for its strategic growth and comprehensive solutions in wood packaging.

"We're teaming up with a company that's not just a leader in packaging but also a pivotal player in supporting global supply chains. By optimizing their MOS and enhancing leadership skills, we'll help them respond more effectively to market needs and continue their legacy of excellence in packaging solutions."

The partnership focuses on developing a robust MOS framework vital for streamlining operations in packaging’s multifaceted roles in marketing, production, logistics, purchasing, and distribution. This effort will enable the client to better manage the flow of goods and environmental considerations, which are crucial in packaging’s role within the supply chain.

In addition, POWERS™ will implement a comprehensive Frontline Leadership Development program, empowering the client’s workforce to lead effectively, drive performance, and instigate a culture of continuous improvement.

"Our goal is to cultivate leaders who are both efficient managers and effective motivators for their teams," added Hart.

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