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POWERS Announces Key Senior Leadership Team Appointments

Key leadership announcement

POWERS Hires Chris Gregory as Chief Operating Officer and Promotes Craig Wall to Chief Delivery Officer

Atlanta, GA, Tuesday, August 24, 2021 – The POWERS Company is excited to announce the hiring of Chris Gregory as the new Chief Operating Officer and the appointment of Craig Wall as the new Chief Delivery Officer. 

Sean Hart, CEO of POWERS, explains the strategic moves, “The senior leadership changes we are making put us in a position to further strengthen our quality of work on delivery and execution for our clients.” 

Hart continues, “Craig leading our Discovery Process and Chris heading up our operations will make for an exceptionally high-impact team. Both are proven leaders and will contribute to our growth as an organization and allow us to continue to provide long-term sustainable results in operational performance and cultural transformation.” 

Sean adds, “We are excited for Craig in his new role. Simply put, he’s a rock star in uncovering and implementing massive performance improvement opportunities for our clients. We are also eager to have Chris join our team and looking forward to his ability to drive us into the future.”

Elaborating on his new position as CDO, Craig Wall adds, “I have been provided the opportunity to spend more time in focusing on what makes our already exceptional delivery of our products and services to our clients even better. As the new Chief of Delivery, my emphasis will be centered on developing and training our operational team members and our Discovery processes. Additionally, as our company continues to grow, there is an increased need for succession and longevity of our processes, methodologies, and culture that have proven to be successful.”

Chris Gregory brings over 20 years of experience in management consulting, specializing in business performance management, process improvement material yield, and throughput. His food and beverage sector expertise has transformed several large organizations, driving down conversion cost and cost to serve. In addition, his focus on Supply Chain Excellence has transformed some of the more complex environments.

Coming on board as COO of POWERS, Chris Gregory responds, “I am honored and excited to join the POWERS family! I look forward to collaborating with the leadership team and organization to drive continued value to our clients. Great organizations are created through open and honest dialogue that puts the client as the top priority. I am convinced that the POWERS’ track record and my style will be a great fit!”

The POWERS Company (www.thepowerscompany.com) was founded in 2004 in Gainesville, Georgia, by Randall Powers and other C-level executives with substantial operations, finance, and human resources experience in the manufacturing sector. Their focus is on purposefully aligning an organization’s leadership culture with the skills and behaviors that lead directly to higher productivity, sustainable performance improvement, and a healthier bottom line

POWERS works with global leaders in Food & Beverage, Aerospace & Defense, Pharmaceutical, Private Equity, Automotive, Metals & Mining, Medical Devices, and many other manufacturing sectors. Their vision is to empower people to become transformative leaders for the betterment of their lives and the lives of others.

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About the Author

Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, MSM, Culture Performance Management Advisor
Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, MSM

Chief Culture Officer

Dr. Donte Vaughn is CEO of CultureWorx and Culture Performance Management Advisor to POWERS.

Randall Powers, Founder, Managing Partner
Randall Powers

Managing Partner

Randall Powers concentrates on Operational and Financial Due Diligence, Strategic Development,, and Business Development.