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POWERS Selected to Sweeten Performance for One of the Most Recognizable Brands in Frozen Baked Goods

Sweeten Performance news release POWERS Selected to Sweeten Performance for One of the Most Recognizable Brands in Frozen Baked Goods

Atlanta, GA, September 13, 2023 - POWERS, the manufacturing productivity consulting firm renowned for driving operational performance growth, proudly announces its latest collaboration with one of America's iconic brands in the frozen ready-to-eat (RTE) baked dessert industry.

The engagement will center around frontline leadership development and management operating system improvements designed to maximize productivity and performance.

This celebrated collaboration signifies POWERS’ commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and profitability for top-tier clients.

This iconic brand is celebrated for its premium frozen RTE baked goods, from mouth watering cakes and pies to indulgent treats and various specialty desserts. Dominating the shelves of retail outlets, this brand stands as a testament to quality, innovation, and irresistible taste.

The brand’s success mantra lies in its unyielding dedication to customer delight. Rooted deeply in their belief that the ‘customer reigns supreme,’ every product they craft stems from customer feedback and evolving tastes.

Always at the forefront of innovation and committed to culinary excellence, they’ve recognized the pivotal role of leadership in sustaining their legacy. To this end, they’ve chosen POWERS to amplify the capabilities of their frontline leaders, further nurturing their ethos of innovation and daily operational success.

With an eye on the future and driven by an insatiable demand for their unparalleled desserts in retail establishments, this partnership underscores the brand’s ambition to ascend to even greater heights in the industry.

POWERS’ CEO, Sean Hart, shared his excitement about the collaboration, remarking,

"Aligning with this dessert titan, our goal is further to harmonize their leadership strategies with sustainable performance enhancements, catering to a constantly evolving market."

Hart further elaborated,

"Being an emblem in the dessert landscape, their continuous investment in developing their frontline leaders, centered on delivering top-notch products, is commendable. They confront challenges head-on, with an unwavering commitment to their esteemed standards."

Wrapping up, Hart voiced,

"We are deeply honored to join hands with an industry powerhouse in the RTE baked dessert domain. Together, we envision carving a trajectory that accentuates performance and fosters enduring success."

POWERS is a leading management consulting firm specializing in rapid, sustainable, and scalable performance improvement in manufacturing environments. POWERS empowers organizations to achieve breakthrough results and elevate their performance to new heights with a dedicated focus on leadership development, system and process optimization, and workplace culture enhancement

With its unique approach, POWERS helps organizations create a culture of growth and performance that is both sustainable and scalable.

Trusted by global leaders across diverse industries, POWERS brings a wealth of experience and expertise to drive transformative change and deliver lasting value.

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